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We keep our customers coming back by providing outstanding customer service and expert technical advice. Weekday classes are held from 9 am to 9 pm, with some Sundays available.

Because I love dogs, I won’t work with every person that asks me to train their dog. Since most of our dog problems are really PEOPLE problems, I won’t begin to work with a dog unless the owner is prepared to change how they will live with their dog. In fact, people problems often contribute to making dogs downright dangerous. I think that’s why people refer business to me “ I’ll tell the owners what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear. I’m not going to candy coat it.

Thus, be prepared for the following:

1.) I will do what is right, not what is just “good for business”. I can be very blunt when the seriousness of the situation requires it.
2.) You might not like hearing that your dog isn’t perfect, or that you need to change what you are doing
3.) I know you are coming to me for honest advice and help, and that is always my main concern
4.) Because I know what I’m talking about, it may seem to some that I think less of them as persons. That is never the case. I treat everyone with respect. But, it can be intimidating to some when they realize that what they’ve been doing isn’t working, or that they need to ask someone for help, or that someone is telling them in their own home that they need to treat their dogs or family members better. One of the main limitations on dog training is the attitude and work ethic of the dog owner; I’m going to set the bar high and encourage you to seek a higher level in life and with your dog.


By accepting & commencing an evaluation &/or lessons, you agree to the following terms & conditions; this constitutes a contract, which is binding on you & as guardian of any minor children accompanying you. These services will only be made available on the terms set forth herein. I am going to be evaluating & training you & your dog in the real world & the real world has hazards that can’t always be avoided. Working with dogs always involves substantial & inherent risks of injury, including death. The risks include accidents, errors, & natural & man-made hazards. You warrant you & your dog are physically healthy enough to be trained. You shall provide complete & accurate details about your situation with your dog. There is no guarantee made concerning the results of the training. In consideration for the use of these services, you hereby release Sam Basso;, & its personnel, agents; other participants in the training; owners; & affiliates from any & all claims arising out of or in connection with these services whether the claims & liabilities arise by the negligence of any said persons or otherwise, including costs & attorney’s fees. Arizona law governs this agreement, & Maricopa County is the sole jurisdiction & venue for court proceedings hereunder.

• All lesson fees, equipment fees, deposits & reservations shall be pre-paid, in full, in advance, & non-refundable in any event. I want your dog trained, & people are more likely to do the lessons when they have already spent the money. In addition, there are other people wanting my time, & once you get a time slot I have to turn other people away, so prepayment ensures that you have a regular time in my calendar. A deposit is for first right of refusal for an open pre-arranged time slot; which must be used by you within 6 months, or shall be forfeited.
• Lessons, evaluations and seminars conducted outside the Phoenix area require prior approval by Sam Basso.
• Cancellations must be made with previous day’s notice, or the fee will be charged. A maximum of 3 cancellations are allowed, & a maximum cancellation period of 1 week at a time is allowed, otherwise the entire fee is forfeited, unless otherwise agreed upon. Lessons are generally conducted every day, Monday through Friday, to immerse the dog & owner in a new lifestyle. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis. I reserve the right to terminate lessons & refund the remainder of your money, if I feel that the dog is too dangerous or the situation is not going to work out for the benefit for the dog. My priorities: People safety is first, dog/animal safety is second, & the results of training are third. You agree to contact me the moment a concern arises & don’t let any disappointments, if any, build to the point of distress. I am working with you as a team & I want this to be a positive experience for you as well as for me. You agree to return phone calls immediately. We shall each make a reasonable effort to work around holidays, planned vacations, emergencies, birthdays, & scheduled days off, provided we give each other advance notice; however, the total number of deferred days of lessons shall not exceed 30 without mutual consent. I reserve the right to temporarily suspend lessons on a dog that is sick, injured, infested, unfit, or needs grooming. The situation must be remedied before the lessons are re-started, & I can require a vet’s written certification & evidence.
• Never take the dog off lead, anywhere, unless the dog is unsupervised (in which case it should be unleashed in a crate or kennel), or we are working on off leash obedience exercises. You can’t control a free running, untrained dog. You agree to use a correction collar to train your dog, & agree that we will correct your dog as deemed appropriate by the instructor. Aggressive, fearful some active, & some reactive dogs require extra precautions, & we might require that you purchase & use safety equipment. You shall have your dog drag a leash or long line at all times, unless the dog is unsupervised or doing off leash exercises. You agree to return any loaned equipment or supplies immediately upon request.
• IF YOUR DOG IS FEARFUL OR AGGRESSIVE: You shall not allow strangers, children or others, or other dogs, to interact with your dog without your direct supervision. An untrained dog can be dangerous (especially if it is fearful, aggressive or highly active), some people can’t be trusted to be alone with a dog, & we want to teach proper greeting manners. You are responsible for ensuring the safety of yourself & others. Never let your dog play with aggressive dogs. Such “play” encourages learned dog aggression. No one plays “attack” games with the dog. Rough games, chase games, & aggressive games must STOP!
• No interruptions. I want your full attention & I want you to get a good result. Each lesson is allotted up to 30 minutes.
• I charge a $50 fee for a NSF check.
• You agree to stay current on your homework & diligently do the lessons as described. You will also obtain & use the materials & equipment that I recommend & use them properly. You’ll need to be present during some or all of the lessons. If you need help, put the dog away & call me. There are usually no “quick fixes,” so you might need to buy extra lessons in some cases.
• Potty the dog 5 minutes before the lesson. You don’t want to pay me to poop your dog; you want to pay me to work your dog.

There are two reasons why dogs can’t be well trained.

The first reason is a Dog Problem: the dog’s temperament, breed or socialization history interferes with learning & attention to what is being taught. This might be a dog that should be put down instead of kept. It also might be dog with unbalanced or weak drives, necessitating extra lessons to get appreciable gains.

The second reason is a People Problem: There are several manifestations of this situation:

* The Mommy/Daddy that refuses to see a dog as a dog, preferring to relate to the dog as a furry little baby;
* The Overly Busy Person that shouldn’t have a dog;
* The Cheapskate that won’t take proper care of their dog, even though they have the money;
* The Abuser or Neglecter or Nitwit;
* The Mule, who has an ego problem; they can’t listen to instruction and they can’t train a dog;
* The Acquirer who gets a dog as a trophy instead of a companion “ the dog doesn’t really have a family;
* The Whiffle-Whaffler, who keeps trying new methods, won’t stick to the training program, keeps shopping around for new advice, &/or listens to folks that aren’t trainers for training advice;
* The Sluggard, who won’t keep up the necessary lessons, lifetime training, socialization, and companionship.

If a prospective customer gets offended or won’t agree to my Rules or philosophy, then I know that the dog CANNOT stay trained OR be properly trained, & I don’t want to work with them. As a person of integrity, I would rather know that I have confronted a person with the truth, and; they rejected it, than take their money & pretend that I am training their dog properly. I want to do an excellent job, & I figure that you are hiring me because you know I want the very best result that I can provide for you and your dog.


From time to time, I get inquiries from people who don’t realize the nature of free speech, thus here are disclaimers about information published herein and at my web pages, blogs, and other media. This is a crazy world sometimes, and you have re-state and re-state the obvious about what you say and why you say it. So, here goes. Sorry for doing this. Yes, it is boring

By participating in this web log, and/or using my web page, you agree to the following:

a.) I’m against any kind of wacko political stunts to further the pro-dog agenda: meaning no violence, property destruction, foul language, or anything that would otherwise bring dishonor to ourselves, our dogs, reasonable dog owners, or reasonable public servants. We’ve all been disgusted and appalled by the stunts of the animal rights nuts. We don’t want to be like them. You will not engage in any of these kinds of stunts in my name, or in reference to this web log.
b.) We need to work within the political / legal / cultural system. We need to persuade people by the logic of our positions. We have a strong case to present, and it is a winning cause. You agree to abide by the law.
c.) Everything stated here is my opinion. Every event quoted is alleged until proven in a court of law. I’m trying to examine and illustrate why we are right on this issue, not to conduct an inquisition or legal proceeding.
d.) From time to time, I receive very interesting comments, emails and letters. Typically they refer to some kind of behavioral problem or political issue. Since this web site is a way for me to oftentimes educate about responsible dog ownership, I shall sometimes use these inquiries and correspondence as the basis of a posting, article or as an example. By submitting any correspondence or inquiry, you thereby agree that the materials and information submitted are wholly your own, and you hereby give me permission to publish them in whole or in part, for potential profit or for free, without compensation to you of any kind, and to indemnify and hold me, and anyone or any organization referenced here, harmless for all claims and damages arising out of anything you say. This information, if we choose it for source material for this web site or other publication, will usually, but not always, be reasonably stripped of direct information about who you are, to protect your identity. This information shall then be used to educate people and benefit society concerning pro dog politics, dog training, behavior, responsible dog ownership and other relevant issues.
e.) If I don’t like the way you treat others, you can be banned from this web, at my sole option and discretion.
f.) Copyright and Trademarks and Patents: Nothing contained herein shall be used, promulgated, modified, transmitted or displayed without Sam Basso’s prior express written consent.
g.) Governing Law, Venue and Jurisdiction: All claims relating to this web site or Sam Basso shall be governed by the laws of the State of Arizona without regard to its conflict of law provisions. Any action with respect to such claims in shall be determined solely by Sam Basso, and brought in the Superior Court for Maricopa County, Arizona and may not be removed therefrom, except by express written permission by Sam Basso, at his sole option and discretion; business licensed in Gilbert AZ.
h.) This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and no modification hereof shall be effective unless agreed to in writing and signed by all parties. Exchanged emails shall not constitute such written agreement.
h.) Copyright Notice: Copyright 2010 Sam Basso, Phoenix, AZ, U.S.A. All rights reserved.
i.) Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.
j.) No Warranties and Limits of Liabilities, Uses of Information: Information provided herein is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, accuracy, timeliness, fitness for a particular purpose, or completeness. The author(s) of this information and web site assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions contained herein. Users of this information do so at their own risk. You can’t train every dog the same way, political issues are often times more complicated than presented in a web log, and legal remedies and advice need review by a competent attorney. Since this information is for educational, and sometimes business, purposes, some information is purposely omitted because the intention is to stimulate debate. This is NOT a political action committee or similar organization, nor represents itself as a non-profit venture. This is an e-newspaper and editorial comment device, for all practical purposes. Sam Basso and other producers of information for this web site shall not be made liable to users of this information, or anyone else, for any direct or indirect damages arising from any use of this web or information. Users must hire Sam Basso to obtain more complete, accurate and current information. We make no warranty that any of the materials on this web site are accurate, complete, or current. Although we may make changes to the materials contained herein at any time without notice, we do not make any commitment to update the materials.
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l.) Hyperlinks to third-party web sites: We shall, from time to time, hyperlink this web to other web sites. We cannot be responsible for the contents or policies of any site we link to, nor do we make any express or implied warranty as to whether you shall be satisfied or damaged by interacting with these other web sites or their related businesses. It is possible that some links will be to retailers and manufacturers, Sam Basso might be an authorized affiliate, manufacturers representative, or otherwise be receiving a referral fee, commission and/or profit on any purchases you make. Sam Basso cannot make guarantees concerning the business policies or practices of these retailers or manufacturers. If you have a purchase dispute, you should contact them directly.
m.) Information Provided To Us: You agree that any information you provide to us shall be complete, current and accurate as to all relevant details. Any replies we make to you shall be limited to the quality and quantity of information you provide to us.
n.) Prices: All terms, prices, policies and conditions are subject to change without notice. All sales are final; no refunds; sold “as is.”
o.) All information stated herein is the opinion of Sam Basso, and should be treated as such; not all information has been verified as to its completeness or accuracy. The names and entities referred to in this web should be treated as fictitious, and critiques are to be used as illustrations and should never be construed to refer to a specific person or entity; any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Many articles are for entertainment purposes only. Unless otherwise explicitly noted, the example companies, organizations, products, people, and events depicted herein are fictitious and no association with any real company, organization, product, person or event is intended or inferred.

I hate rules such as these. I wish we lived in a world where “a man’s word was his bond”, where people took personal responsibility for their words and actions, where you could do business on a handshake, and that people worked out their differences in a friendly and reasonable way. But, unfortunately, things just aren’t that way. I have to penalize the 95% of good people out there, by having to implement some business rules, so that I can weed out doing business with the 5% of the nut cases out there. I apologize for having to set some rules just to advocate pro-dog editorials and to make an honest buck.

– Sam