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I am a premier Peoria dog trainer and behaviorist. I’ve had a good number of students in Peoria, AZ.

For example, I remember a Labrador Retriever I trained there when I first moved to town back around 2006 from Seattle. It was the middle of summer, but we worked around that by training in the evenings, and in shade at a neighborhood park when it was during the daytime. The owner was a single mom with a young son. They were GREAT to work with, and the son really worked hard because the dog would jump on him and bully him when we first started lessons. I still remember how the son was into sports, especially hockey. In the end, everything worked out very well, and they referred me later to another person they knew.

My most recent student in Peoria has a Springer Spaniel named Copper. About 9 months old. She’s really pleased how he turned out… and so am I. He’s gone from completely untrained to a really great and obedient family dog.

Peoria is a pretty easy commute for me, so lessons work pretty well most days and times, including weekends. Because of the distance, I do have to charge a bit more for lessons, but you’ll get great training, so you’ll see it will be worth the effort!

Call me and let’s set up lessons.