You’re Being Too Harsh With The Dog – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

You’re Being Too Harsh With The Dog – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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Good dog trainers will never teach you to be harsh with your dog.

Traumatic experiences are NEVER forgotten by a dog. Good dog training isn’t about implementing traumatic experiences.

I was at an off leash park the other day, waiting for a student to arrive. I saw a man and a woman walking their two Siberian Huskies on leashes, attached to harnesses. The closer their dogs got to the off leash area, the harder the dogs pulled. That made the man angry, so he yanked back on the dog’s leash and said something harsh to his dog (it appeared to be about 6 months old). The dog proceeded to pull hard once they started walking again. This time he grabbed the dog’s muzzle tight, and harshly scolded the dog. As they started walking again, the dog immediately began pulling again, so this time, the man slapped the dog hard across the muzzle, cussed at the dog, the couple turned back, walked their dogs back to the car, with the dogs still pulling, put them in the car, and drove away. I could hear that face slap nearly 50 yards away. Not only was it abusive, it wasn’t fair to the dog, and it didn’t change the dog’s behavior. That’s not dog training.

I can give example after example of harsh things I’ve seen over the years. No need to say more.

When you have a dog training problem, harshness isn’t going to be the answer. Go hire a professional and get the issue sorted out.

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