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Phoenix Scottsdale Dog Behaviorist
Humane Solutions: Phoenix Scottsdale Dog Behaviorist: Professional, honest advice. No electric collars, No harsh methods. In business since 1997

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Phoenix Scottsdale Dog Aggression Behaviorist
Phoenix Scottsdale Dog Aggression Specialist: PLEASE READ: When is it OK for a dog to bite? TESTIMONIALS

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Contact Sam Basso
Contact me today. Tell me what you need - E-mail using my very easy to use contact form.ABOUT US: TAKE A TOUR OF SAM THE DOG TRAINER

Sam Basso Is A Nationally Recognised Dog Behaviorist And Trainer

You probably have heard of Sam Basso from a past student, on TV, as a guest radio expert, attended one of his seminars, read his articles, become aware of his years of dog rescue work, or from his active promotion of animal welfare.