Dog Training Resources:
Articles, Videos, And More

Sam The Dog Trainer was founded based on several core beliefs – one of which is that sharing valuable resources helps everyone. That’s why, you’ll find a wealth of information in this section of the website, such as articles and videos on various training methods, ways to identify what will work best for your dog, information on rescue animals and more.

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1.) Prevention Is Training
2.) Thinking of Quitting?
3.) Why Should You Choose Sam Basso To Train Your Dog? (What To Expect)
4.) Customer Testimonials (lease call me if you’d like to talk to my references)
5.) My Rules (Policies, Payment, Cancellations, Rules, Disclosures, etc.)
6.) “Dog Obedience School AZ” – Some personal information about why I do what I do…
7.) Cesar Millan’s Calm Submissive / Assertive Baloney
8.) Dog Boot Camps: Good Or Bad?
9.) Does Your Dog Walk You, Or Do You Walk Your Dog?
10.) I Don’t Like That My Dog Runs Off To Strangers
11.) My Dog Is Unruly, Excitable And Out Of Control
12.) Rare Dog Breeds: Training And Behavior Modification
13.) Is It Ever OK To Hit Or Kick A Dog To Correct It?
14.) My Dog Purposely Doesn’t Listen To Me
15.) Is Taping A Dog’s Hind Leg With Your Foot Animal Abuse?
16.) If I Hear You Talk About Your Dog One More Time…
17.) My Dog Won’t Come When Called
18.) Serious Dog Corrections
19.) Sam, I’m Rich And I Want You To Train My Dogs
20.) What Is Humane Dog Training?
21.) How Many Lessons Does It Take To Train A Dog?
22.) What Are The Signs That You’ve Become A Dog’s Master?