Dog Trainer Reviews / Testimonials/ Referrals

Dog Trainer Reviews / Testimonials/ Referrals

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Here are some REAL Sam The Dog Trainer Reviews / Testimonials/ Referrals: I am always able to provide current reviews, testimonials and referrals from current and past students. I have reviews posted here and you can find them across the internet. Below are real testimonials of dogs with a variety of behavioral problems. And I can always provide current referrals. Anyone can say anything on the internet. I could say I was President of the United States, but that doesn’t make it true. Unfortunately, there are inexperienced dog trainers and behaviorists out there claiming years of experience… when they are new to the dog world. And people who have been in business for years… who have lousy character and lack the ability or empathy to even touch a dog. One true test is whether they can give you proper references.

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Dear Sam,

Sam The Dog Trainer Reviews / Testimonials/ Referrals
Here is a sample review of my training. I’ll never forget Grady. He became the store mascot at the local Barnes & Noble

We just wanted to let you know how pleased with are with your training methods. Grady (our 2-1/2 year old Weimaraner) was rescued with the help of Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue about 18 months ago. He’s a wonderful, sweet tempered dog, but had never had any formal training and was a real puller. At 65 lbs. he was strong enough to walk Jenny instead of the other way around!

With your help, we learned along with Grady and now are quite confident that we can take him anywhere. And we do! He goes with us on hikes, short trips, and even into many businesses that previously would not allow dogs. People are always commenting on how well-trained he is and we always take that opportunity to sing your praises.

Thanks again, and best wishes for the continued success of your business.


John and Jenny Edwards


Hi Sam,

Heard about you from a man at Petsmart. He had a Weimaraner on a leash.

I’ve never seen such a well trained dog. It was wonderful.


Anyway thanks again for all your help, without it I am not sure I could have gotten Teddy adopted into such a good home as he has now

Rhonda waters
SSRRLeadHC/TTCoordinator (Southern States Rottweiler Rescue)


Hi Sam: My dog and I went to our first agility class last night and had a great night. He remembered and performed all the obstacles. He did bark and growl at the other dogs some but settled down as the night went on. The leader said that I could use a muzzle when we begin to go off leash and to keep working on the problem. I will be in class on Sunday evening

Thanks so much,

(This is a dog that was kicked out of the agility club for trying to attack the other dogs in class. So, we started working on the problem, and when I received this email, we were half way through the issues… See? There is no such thing as a quick fix for a dog like this. We had to work through the dog’s worries and aggression, and that takes time, proper technique, new skills for the owner, and behavior modification methods which cause the dog to not threaten or feel threatened in these circumstances. The dog has been allowed back in the club, but we started out by taking precautions using the muzzle until we were sure the issue was resolved. The club trainer was amazed and wanted to know how it was done.)


Sam The Dog Trainer Reviews / Testimonials/ Referrals 1
Here is another testimonial concerning Turk, a pit bull / mastiff mix. A really terrific dog.

I have worked with Sam the Dog trainer since my dog was 4 months old, up to when he turned 1 year old. Sam not only trained beginning and advance obedience with Turk, but also helped us through other dog issues (behavior, vet references, etc). I also want to note that potty training was a breeze with his methods. Sam has knowledge about every technique out there and every dog related issues. Not only does he work with the dog, but he works with you on how to handle/train your dog. The life style I want with my dog was to take him everywhere with me and I am able to do that with a dog I trust. We’ve been to California on the beach, road trips, crowded festivals, stores, friend’s houses, etc… There is great accomplishments with the dog, but also personally in developing myself as a leader and how to handle any situations. Everywhere I go– I get compliments on how amazingly obedient he is in a chaotic environment. It’s nice to get my dog to sit and obey me in a place full of chaos– where I can take a photo with him sitting next to me or be able to have dinner out in the town with my friends with my dog laying at my feet or going on a stroll with my dog walking nicely beside me. Also Sam’s technique help save my dog’s life before he ran into the street, I was able to call him back right in front of me. Thanks Sam! I highly recommend him for any dog questions or training !!! Totally worth it!!


We are located in Scottsdale. Sam has been training our dog since he was 4 months old, and he’s now a year and a half. Our dog is the joy of our life, our best “favorite son”. Everyone loves our dog, and he loves everybody. He’s friendly, obedient, and fun to live with. We’ve gone way past Basic Obedience, and are into Agility. He’s well socialized and yet enjoys his private time at home. Sam is punctual, knowledgeable, friendly, and gains the dog’s respect. He truly turns out the perfect dog and we are very pleased with his work.


Sam The Dog Trainer Reviews / Testimonials/ Referrals 3
Another referral: Mercedes is a sweet Rottweiler I trained in Glendale, AZ. Don’t let that serious look fool you! She started out as a bit of a challenge, but is now just the sweetest dog you can imagine. And I have become friends with the owner.

I had my rottweiler puppy trained with Sam and he was so complete in his training, patient and provided me with a whole new mind set with being a responsible dog owner. Very happy with his training. BTW, my dog is the most gentle and people loving dog around and that’s due to the tips I received from Sam on how to socialize her.



Thank you for making us aware that Jack is not an aggressive dog. I realize that we were treating him as such and I was super uptight about it. However your reassurance has let me relax around him. We are enjoying our walks and romps now. His tantrums are getting weaker and occur much less frequently. I can foresee a time when they are non existent. I am so glad that we found you. If we hadn’t I am not sure that we would have kept Jack and he is

turning out to be a super dog.

Keep up the good work. We need more dog trainers like you in the world.


(Jack is a pit / Lab mix. They were unable to take him on walks, especially if they saw another dog, cat or squirrel. Jack would get so pumped up he would turn around and start chomping with his teeth up the leash that you’d have to let go or get bitten, then he’d run off after the other animal. )


I trained Bunker the Dog, who appeared on national TV. This was then followed up by a magazine cover story which was then in all major bookstores across the US.

Sam has trained two of our dogs from the time they were puppies. He understands dogs and their behavior. This makes it easier for us to understand why he is training us to do the things that work so well. Having a dog or puppy that behaves and that is trained makes both the dog and the owner much happier and relaxed. Sam is passionate and professional in his approach, and we highly recommend Sam after trying other trainers. There is no comparison! Our dogs love Sam and so do we.

A breed rescue leader for a major national breed club wrote the following about Sam Basso: “I have placed over 150 dogs between the 3 rescue groups I work with since January 1999. Sam Basso has been a great source of assistance to me in rescue. He has offered his expertise as a behaviorist and trainer to my rescued dogs. This service has made all the difference in the successful placement of many of my rescues. I have referred him to many callers that have had behavioral problems and the dogs were able to stay with the owner and not be turned over to rescue, which to me is a great tribute to him, help to the dog, and success for the owner. I have seen him work and value his abilities to humanely and reasonably train a dog.” – Member of the Mastiff Club of America

(The MCOA had me as their featured speaker at two of their national specialty events, one on Portland and the other in Oklahoma City, speaking on Aggression and Temperament.)

Dear Sam,

Please consider this my formal way of thanking you for an excellent lesson in behavioral training for Bumper. We will be going to Petco tomorrow (Saturday) to purchase the items you recommended and start the training.

Just to let you know; the little work that you did with Bumper has already paid off. When my wife went out to get the mail and returned, she opened the door to come inside and Bumper, who would have normally rushed out, just sat inside until my wife closed the door. Naturally, we are not going to assume that he is already trained not to run when the door is open. We will diligently work with him using your technique until we are absolutely certain that Bumper has gotten the message and obeys 100% of the time.

I also want to thank you very much for the discount you gave us. I will consider it an unintentional, but, nevertheless, a very appreciative birthday present. Today just happens to be my 75th birthday (Wow!!). So, thank you again.

You are truly a Mensch!




Hi Sam,

Max and I had an incident which I wanted to tell you about. I took my sister-in -law home from our place in Canada one day. She lives here locally. Max was with me and she said that her dogs (3) would love to play with Max, so when we got to her place, her dogs came out and started jumping all over the car and (silly Me), I thought they were just excited to see my sister – she had told me that they were well behaved. After, I got the car parked I let Max out of the car and he was immediately attacked by these 3 dogs. I don’t think that I am exaggerating when I say that had Max not had his leash on and I was able to grab the leash (because they had covered Max and I couldn’t see him) and pull him out from underneath the pile of dogs that he would be dead today. I picked him up and threw him into my car where the dogs jumped on my car again.

The long and short of all this is – thanks to you (because you recommended that I always have him drag a leash when meeting new dogs), Max is alive today! THANK – YOU . Also, it is time to get busy with Max, he is such a great dog and keen to learn that I would like you to see him and see where we should go from here. My schedule for the next little while is this: this Wednesday we go away until September 3, we are then away again on September 6-9 and then vacation time will be over. I do want to get signed up for seeing you once a month, so please tell me what works with you and I’ll be there. Regarding is attack – if you have any ideas or want to see him, let me know and we will see if somehow we can meet earlier.

I hope the summer has been good for you and Dillon is doing well. Talk to you soon.



Dear Sam,

This is the H___ Family, with their dog Baihana. We’d like to thank you. Your training has helped improve Baihana’s behavior greatly. She comes jogging five days a week now, and stays at a steady pace without fighting or causing trouble. A few weeks ago, she escaped. We commanded, “Sit!” at her, and immediately, she stopped in her tracks, sat down, and waited for us to come over and take the leash. Once again, thank you.


The H___ family

(This is a Husky / Shepherd mix that used to frequently run away. This family lived near a very busy city street – 45 mph and lots of traffic. This dog started out as a very unruly dog, grabbing at your hands if you tried to put on the leash, would also turn around and grab the leash to tug it out of your hands and then run away. Look at the changes!)

Perhaps you remember Toby, the German shepherd mix. Just want you to know he is doing very well. He is now three years old and thanks to your training and guidance we are still together and looking forward to our upcoming move to Florida. I fear, but for your expertise, I would not have had the confidence and knowledge to get through Toby’s terrible teens !! He is very handsome and very smart.

Thank you. RS


Sam Basso is a professional dog trainer and behaviorist, in the Phoenix/ Scottsdale metropolitan area. He’s known for being fun, kind, intelligent, and humane. Sam Basso has a unique personal touch. He has appeared on his own TV show, been a guest radio expert, gives seminars, publishes a dog related blog, does rescue volunteering, and is active in promoting animal welfare and fair dog laws.

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