Is Taping A Dog’s Hind Leg With Your Foot Animal Abuse?

Is Taping A Dog’s Hind Leg With Your Foot Animal Abuse?

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So, you’ve come up with the idea of taping a dog’s hind leg to your foot, and you are wondering if that is animal abuse…

Here’s the deal: if you have to ask if a dog training method is abusive, then you know you are already on shaky ground. I’ve heard of a lot of goofy ways people try to correct or manage their dog’s behavior.

There are good ways of training a dog and bad ways of training a dog. It is always best to use the safer methods invented and used by dog trainers instead of dreaming up something and experimenting on your dog.

Animal experimentation is a very touchy subject. There are laws regarding animal experimentation. You could violate those laws in some circumstances and end up in a lot of legal hot water. Animal abuse is also a very touchy subject. If you do something stupid with your dog, you could be charged with a crime.

I can’t imagine any good reason to bind a dog’s leg to your foot with tape. No good dog trainer would ever do that.

So, before you invent new dog training methods, why not hire a professional and learn proven ways of dealing with a dog? Why do something that could injure your dog, or get you arrested by the police?

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