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Are you looking for a dog obedience school in Arizona? Or are you looking for a great dog trainer and behaviorist? There is an important difference… Please consider my programs. I’m an experienced dog trainer and behaviorist, and have the skills and experience you are most likely looking for. But, let me alert you… this isn’t “Dog Obedience School AZ”, it is … this is more than some impersonal business entity, it is about my love for teaching people and dogs, and how much I want you to love and enjoy your dog as much as I have loved and enjoyed my dogs…

How Did You Learn To Become A Dog Trainer? One of the more frequent questions I get is how I learned to do what I do. That is a simple question, but it has a very long answer. But, I’ll try to keep it short! All good dog trainers start out with dogs becoming their favorite hobby. And that is how it started with me, and I still feel that same intensity of wonder and interest that I had when I realized how much I liked dogs. The biggest turning point was getting my dog, Kate, a female Bouvier, as a college graduation present. She and I were super close, and my foundation started with her. I have an excellent memory when it comes to dogs. Don’t ask me why. I have no idea. But I remember almost everything she ever did. I remember the first time I saw her, the time I spent checking her out, taking her home, her first bath, all her lessons, all those walks we took, vacations, dates she chaperoned, aging, anytd the day I took her to the vet to have her put down because she was dying of old age (and had given me that “look”). Then, there were other dogs, other training programs. Then the day I decided to go professional, and all the more years of weekly study, experiences, money, and everything else that got me to where I am today. I tell people, and I’m totally serious when I say it, that if I ever become rich and famous, I’ll still train dogs. They are a part of me, bringing me great joy, and I enjoy teaching others how to enjoy dogs as much as I do.

Why Train Dogs In The Phoenix Area? I lived in Seattle for nearly 30 years, and it was time to go. So, after searching the entire country for a new place, I settled on Phoenix. I really love it here. I love the desert. I love the West. I like the people, the climate. I love the beauty here… more subtle than Washington, but profound if you look. And the city is a great place to own a dog if you know how. Yes, it gets hot here, but I’ve innovated ways to make even that work out for dog owners.

Why Should I Train With You? Well, that’s a good question. I’d say this. First, I’m going to love working with you and your dog. I am a great teacher, and I enjoy what I do. Second, I’m an expert. I can now say that after all these years. I’ve noticed a lot of new dog trainers enter the business in the past 5 years. I keep up on my industry, and many are still just novices… it’s just that some have better marketing campaigns than others. But, there is no substitute for experience, study, and talent. Not all of those folks have the whole package. I think I do. And I can provide references to back all that up. I’m extremely thankful to have had so many great students here, they like me, and I can give you names and phone numbers of people you can talk to. I don’t need some kind of fancy marketing program or web page. My approach is to earn the business, long term, through referrals. They will all say how I got the job done, and will confirm all I say here.

Dog training can’t be just a business. It has to come from a love of working with people and dogs. If I was just representing “Dog Obedience School AZ”, that would just not work for me. It has to be personal. It has to be about me making a good relationship with you and your dog, and it has to be something that I can put my name on and say, “Hey, I did that, and it meant something. I helped a lot of dogs, and I made people’s lives better.” It has to be a passion, something that wakes you up early every day, and keeps you awake late at night, out of love for what you do. As I finish this article, it is now a Monday night, about 10 pm. A typical work day. It started out before 7 am, and I never seem to have enough time to do all I want to. I’m looking forward to working that new Spaniel student tomorrow night, and also seeing my other students tomorrow. But, I better now sign off or I’ll be tired tomorrow. That’s just the way I “work”.

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