Sam, I’m Rich And I Want You To Train My Dogs

Sam, I’m Rich And I Want You To Train My Dogs

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So, you are wealthy and you want me to train your dogs. OK, let’s talk about that a bit. I have trained dogs for some very rich people over the years. Some situations go well and some don’t, so consider that before you hire me. Let’s first talk about situations where it didn’t go well.

What doesn’t work is when the dog is going to be treated as a possession, and not as a dog. What doesn’t work is when the dog is a thing to own and display, but not to be part of a loving home. What doesn’t work is when you neglect your dogs as you would a spoiled rich kid, given all the comforts of life without the love and time and attention a dog needs to be well adjusted. What doesn’t work is not properly socializing, training, supervising, housing, or protecting your dog. What doesn’t work is for me to be assigned to work with your manager instead of working directly with you. You can’t hire love for your dog. And what isn’t going to work is when you, the novice, tell me, the expert, how to train dogs. Your IQ didn’t get bigger in my eyes regarding dogs just because you’ve been blessed with a big bank account. What isn’t going to work is if I think you are being inhumane to your dog. I’ve seen all of this, and more, from a few of the rich and famous. You’re a rich man, but I feel sorry for your poor dog.

Here’s what works: everyone else with a lot of money. I’ve worked successfully with a lot of very wealthy people, those with good functional personal lives and homes, kids and large properties, yachts and private planes. So, it really isn’t about the money, it is about the character of the people involved.

If you don’t want to listen, if you’re so into yourself that you can’t learn a damn thing, then go find yourself another trainer. Don’t believe me? Trust me, I won’t kiss your posterior, and I’m not going to worship you. You are going to be treated just like every other person, and your dog’s welfare and training is either going to be done right, or buh bye, don’t let the door hit you.

I got into dog training for an animal welfare purpose. I love dogs. I love people who love dogs. I love people who love working with their dogs and enjoying the entire lifestyle. I have nothing against money and wealth. The more the merrier. If you want to impress me, and if you are good enough to hire me, then show me your good character as it relates to how you treat others, your family, your dog, and of course, how you treat me. And I’ll give that back to you a hundred fold.

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