Is It Ever OK To Hit Or Kick A Dog To Correct It?

Is It Ever OK To Hit Or Kick A Dog To Correct It?

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What do you do to make a dog do, or not do, some behavior? Is it ever ok to use force, such as hitting or kicking a dog?

There are many ways to encourage a dog to fight. One of those is to either threaten a dog with pain, or to cause pain. Pain is a primary trigger for biting.

Thus, no dog trainer will ever recommend using pain as a way of correcting a behavior. It will backfire. You won’t solve the behavioral problem, and you can provoke an attack by the dog.

Animals can’t help it if they bite when they are anticipating pain, or are in pain. It is a defense mechanism programmed into them by nature.

If you need help with a problem, then why not hire a professional and do it the right way?

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