I Don’t Like That My Dog Runs Off To Strangers

I Don’t Like That My Dog Runs Off To Strangers

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Many people get upset because their dogs run off to strangers.

TYPES: There are three general types of situations that make a dog run off to strangers: the friendly dog; the curious dog, or the unfriendly dog. And there are two types of owners: the person that is upset their dog is friendly; the person that is upset that their dog isn’t being loyal to them; or the person that is upset that their dog isn’t obeying.

The Friendly Dog: This type of dog is sociable. They see new people, they are compelled to go greet them. This is the norm for MOST dogs. Most dogs are pretty friendly, and if given a chance, will go off to meet people. There is nothing wrong with having a friendly dog.

The Curious Dog: This type of dog isn’t necessarily friendly or unfriendly, they are just curious about new people around them. They feel compelled to check them out, to see why they are in the area, to investigate who they are, and to see what they are up to. This motivation also drives many dogs to approach people.

The Unfriendly Dog: This type of dog perceives the other people as some kind of a threat. Intruders will be confronted on territory. Strangers that approach too closely will be confronted, as well. Not all dogs like strangers, and in fact, that is normal for some dog breeds.

Then there are the people…

The Anti-Social Person: Some people don’t like that their dogs are sociable. They are always searching for methods to make their dogs attack strangers. Many, many people not only want their dogs to be aggressive towards other people, they encourage it. I have met numerous dogs that were encouraged to alert on every stranger, regardless of whether that person was acting normally or in a threatening way. This causes a dog to lose its discrimination regarding who really is a person to be watched, and some innocent bystander. The problem is that you make a dog useless as a protection dog if they are aggressive towards everyone. No professional trains a protection dog to be that way. Anti-social people have a tendency to turn out vicious dogs. The dog is made to be dangerous, and these people have issues that make them dangerous to society. There is a way to own a protection dog, but making the dog not like any stranger is almost always a huge mistake. It’s a great way to sent yourself to prison if your dog severely attacks an innocent person one day.

The Clingy Type Person: Some people get jealous that their dogs like other people. They are competitive with their dog’s affections. This is too much for any dog. Dogs can’t fulfill your emotional needs in this way.

The Untrained Owner: Dogs usually don’t obey, and run off to strangers, because the owners aren’t trained. They don’t know what to do. They are just as untrained as their dogs. So, if they have a friendly or curious dog, they allow it to annoy other people. If they have an unfriendly dog, they endanger other people. And in all these circumstances, all of the situations have legal risks, because even a friendly dog can hurt someone just by tripping them.

THE SOLUTION: If you don’t like that your dog runs off to strangers… you know what to do. Get a professional dog trainer and do what needs to be done. And get the proper skills and outlook for yourself, as well. That’s the only solution to this problem.

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