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I am a premier DC Ranch, AZ dog trainer and behaviorist. I have trained a number of dogs in DC Ranch. They have all been private lessons, and all were dedicated dog owners. DC Ranch is in the main part of my business training area, and I offer all my service packages for residents in your area. I am in this neighborhood frequently doing lessons, and so I’m available and can work out good appointment times in that area, including evening appointments during the week (the most desired time slots). A few of my customers have been so-called “snow birds”, who come back in the winter and fall, so I see them seasonally, and keep their dogs tuned up. For example, one of my long term students lives here in the winter and in another state in the summer. She has a couple of medium sized, and she’s just a ton of fun to work with. In fact, as I was writing this, I had just seen her and a friend outside the DC Ranch Safeway, giving their dogs a drink of water. If you live in that area, and I mentioned her dogs or her name, you probably have seen her, or even know her.