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Mercedes is a sweet Rottweiler I trained in Glendale, AZ. Don’t let that serious look fool you! She started out as a bit of a challenge, but is now just the sweetest dog you can imagine. And I have become friends with the owner.

I’m a premier Glendale dog trainer and behaviorist. I’ve trained a lot of dogs in your part of town, from the Boxer that the owner couldn’t walk from the front door to the street (and would run away when she got loose), to the Rottweiler (and now I’m good friends with the owner), to the silver Labrador Retriever (I’ve also become friends with them, too).

The Boxer was a tough case. She was not trained and about a year old when I met her. Her owner has Parkinson’s, which complicated and made it dangerous controlling her. She was a total hard head and brat when I met her, jumping up on you, grabbing your arms with her teeth (the owner had slash marks and scabs all over his forearms when I first met him), and she’d run away if she got out the front door. We got all that solved. One Thanksgiving, about a year after the lessons, the grandkids came over, and the dog got out the front door and ran across the street to visit the dog next door. The owners live on one of those huge lots in Glendale, and so do the neighbors. The owner just had to call out the “Come” Command, and she immediately came back and they got her back inside. And then I got the “Thank You” email the next week telling me how happy she was so well trained. And the owner could also take her safely on walks in public and around traffic without fear of falling or being pulled into oncoming traffic. And I have other cool stories, as mentioned above.

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