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Buster is one of my Scottsdale students. I started him as a puppy, and he’s now doing Advanced Obedience and Agility. He can go anywhere and be obedient and well mannered. He is also in training to be a Service Dog

I am a premier Scottsdale dog trainer and behaviorist (though I do lessons and evaluations throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area). I have MANY Scottsdale customers and can provide you many references. (MEET BUSTER… one of my Scottsdale students). I’m in Scottsdale training someone almost every working day of the year. Most of my programs are best suited for Scottsdale residents, and you get the best choice of training times and days if you live in Scottsdale. I can offer beginning to advanced programs, and can diagnose almost any behavioral problem. Please call me and let’s discuss how I might help you.