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How do you make your family accept your new puppy?

Some people like dogs and some don’t. Some people like certain breeds and don’t like other breeds. In all those cases, the best you can sometimes hope for will be that you do such a good job supervising, managing and training your dog that they at least accept being around your dog.

Some people object to YOU owning a dog. They might not think that it is a good idea that you got a dog. This is a personal issue that no dog trainer can solve. You’ll have to solve it by demonstrating the resolve, effort and resources necessary to take good care of your dog.

Some people object to a family member getting a dog without consulting them first. I don’t think it is ever wise to bring a dog into a home without the agreement of the rest of the family.

You can’t make other people accept your puppy. The best you can hope for is that you do such a good job with this dog that they don’t complain about, or hurt, your dog.