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Breed Type: Pinscher / Schnauzer; considered a toy breed

Present Use: Companion Dog

Original Use: Ratter

Registry: American Kennel Club

Typical Weight: 6 to 13 pounds

Typical Height At Shoulders: 9 – 12 inches

Color: Black, gray, silver, red, black and tan, or beige

Type Of Coat: Wiry, dense hair, rough, harsh, and about 1″ in length

Background: Originating around 1600 AD. The name, translated from German, is the Monkey Terrier. Their original use was around farms and stores to kill small rodents such as rats and mice. They were downsized over the years to become a companion dog, and were then considered to be “ladies dogs”. They have traits that are of the pinschers and schnauzers, and are not considered terriers in Europe.

Temperament: Active, game, playful, terrier like, territorial, curious, loyal, affectionate, and quiet. Willing to fight ferociously if challenged. Has a reputation for being difficult to house train. Is going to train more like a terrier in obedience work, but have some of the affection and attentiveness of the schnauzers.

Health Issues: Hip dysplasia, cataracts, luxating patellae, and heart defects

Breed Club Link(s): Affenpincher Club of America

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