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One of the worst experiences for any dog owner is living with dogs that are fighting. I remember a case I worked with a couple of years ago, where I was hired because 2 adult, 110 lb, male Weimaraners were fighting. It took 20 minutes for them to get the dogs apart, the vet bill was enormous, and when I saw them for the first time the dogs had so many stitches they looked like a baseball. Yes, with work, we got them to stop fighting and to become friends again.

There are reasons why dogs in the home typically fight, and there are ways to safely break up a fight, and ways to attempt to make them friends again. There are also right and wrong ways to introduce a new dog into the home. A good dog behaviorist would do some detective work on each dog, the home situation, get a history on the fights, and so forth. Then, a plan would be implemented to knit everything back together properly. Aggression is a complex topic, and there is no “one size fits all” solution, regardless of what you may think or what others are telling you.

There isn’t a “training” solution to this kind of thing. Yelling at the dogs; teaching them obedience commands; or using dominance / dog whisperer techniques will all FAIL. That’s not the way to do it. That’s not how I got those Weimaraners to get along.

You and your dogs can be seriously injured in a dog fight. I have received very sad calls where one dog has killed another dog in the home. I’ve also gone to evaluations where the owner had their arm in a cast after reaching in between their fighting dogs and getting bitten. I don’t post answers here on how to address this on your own, because you shouldn’t be doing this on your own!!! And the average dog trainer is UNQUALIFIED to fix this kind of thing. So, you need better qualified people to work with, a good dog behaviorist.

So, stop surfing the internet for free advice. There is too much at stake here.

Not all dog fighting can be fixed. Anyone who claims they can fix all dog fights isn’t being honest with you. Enter into this realistically. If we knew everything about behavior, which we don’t, then all fights could be stopped… in such a case, there wouldn’t be any divorces in our homes, either. On the other hand, not all fights lead to divorce, and not all dog fights need to lead to having to find a new home for one of your dogs.

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