Anthem AZ Dog Trainer, Dog Training, Behaviorist

Anthem AZ Dog Trainer, Dog Training, Behaviorist

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Sam Basso
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I am a premier dog trainer and behaviorist for Anthem, AZ. I have trained a number of dogs in your community. Not only have I conducted number of private lessons, I have also performed a number of evaluations. When you need a good dog trainer, it is better to bring in an expert rather than rely on what I call a “ham and egg” type of basic trainer. Honestly, the training isn’t as great the further you go outside most major metropolitan areas, or you encounter situations where the trainers aren’t going to come out and help you. Normally, I do lessons in Anthem on the weekends. I remember one customer who had 4 dogs that were fighting with ot ne another. I came out for a number of weekends in order to sort out what was going on. They had tried another trainer, and that hadn’t worked. I will consider daily lessons in Anthem, but I will charge more. Check my pricing for details.

I tend to get the more dedicated owners, and those with more serious behavioral problems in Anthem. Call me and let’s discuss your situation. Also, sometime it makes sense to meet some location half way between.

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