Arguing Over The Dog? – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

Arguing Over The Dog? – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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Before you get a dog, you should consider that the average family has, on average, 3 disagreements over the family dog EVERY WEEK. Arguments of this sort are the result of things that annoy the people regarding the ownership (management, supervision, feeding, training, of the discipline) of the dog.

I have been hired numerous times to act as referee to help families sort out these disagreements. Since I know the best way to own a dog, and I’ve seen what works in innumerable homes, I can give good advice as to what does and doesn’t work. SO, BEFORE YOU GET A DOG, SORT OUT YOUR EXPECTATIONS WITH EVERYONE IN THE HOME. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A DOG, THEN SORT OUT THOSE DISPUTES SO THAT THEY DON’T KEEP GOING ON AND ON.

Such arguments can result in seriously hurt feelings. I’ve met couples who were sleeping in separate bedrooms because of the disagreements. I know of couples who have gotten rid of the dog, or banished their dogs to the back yard because they couldn’t get in agreement… and we know that is harmful to the dog, too. I know couples that have broken up over the dog. I’ve seen dogs that were abused as a result of disagreements over the dog.

None of this has to happen. But, many people don’t plan in advance regarding how the dog is going to be raised and housed, trained and managed. So, they are always reacting to problems instead of working a plan to prevent problems and finding ways for the dog to cope with their living situation.

Dogs can’t figure all this out for the people involved. Sorry, but that’s the truth. So, it is up to us to work all those things out, with our spouses, roommates, significant others, boyfriend, girlfriend, children, relatives, neighbors, and so forth. And sometimes it can be helpful hire someone for some expert advice.

Hurtful words can destroy relationships over time. Don’t let that happen in your home.

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