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“Bad dog!”

I’ve heard that phrase many times over the years, at parks, in public, and at other people’s homes. “Bad dog!” is usually then followed up with a brief explanation to the dog what it did wrong, such as…

“Stop jumping!”
“No digging!”
“No barking!”
“Bad potty! Go outside!”
“I’ve told you over and over again not to ____, yet you did it again. You’re not getting dinner tonight, and I’m now mad at you!”

Or, the dog will be given a command… such as…


None of this makes any sense to the dog, and none of this will prevent the same thing from happening in the future. That’s because dogs don’t understand human language like we do. That’s because… they… are… dogs!!!! Scolding and explaining things to your dog is a total waste of time. It may make you feel better saying it, but if you don’t want that thing to happen again, then you are doing it all wrong. Telling a dog to Sit as a punishment won’t make the problem any better, either.

Really, if you want your dog to not behave in a certain way, why aren’t you enrolling you and your dog in some good dog classes to get things sorted out? I never understand why people with some of the most annoying dogs don’t do the most logical thing: hire a professional!

So, instead of losing your cool with your dog, or worse yet, hitting or banishing your dog, time to get some lessons and get these things sorted out.

You don’t have a Bad Dog, you have an untrained dog, or a stressed dog, a dog with medical problems, or you are the one that needs training. Find answers instead of getting upset!

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