My Dog Doesn’t Like His New Home

My Dog Doesn’t Like His New Home – Phoenix Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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I was talking to a friend yesterday about her dog. A couple of weeks ago, she and her husband purchased a new home. Shortly after they moved in, one of their dogs got very sick. Since some of the plants in their new back yard were poisonous to dogs, they rushed their dog to the veterinarian. After about $800 in vet bills, it turned out the dog wasn’t sick but very stressed. I asked her if the veterinarian had given her dog a steroid shot, and of course, he had. This dog is melting down, and his immune system is crashing. In addition, her dog is now getting in fights at the doggie daycare, hides in the home, acts very needy and depressed, and is still very stressed out.

I suggested that we get together, and I’ll show her what they should do. Not all dogs make a move to a new place successfully. When things go wrong, it can become a medical emergency, such as with this dog. The first thing to do is get the veterinarian involved to help stabilize your dog’s medical issues. Then, you need a good dog behaviorist. Dogs like this can die, run away, hurt themselves, and hurt other dogs or people. They can also be permanently changed. Psychological traumas can warp a dog, changing them from a happy go lucky dog into a nervous growly dog. The longer this goes on, and the worse it is, the more risk your dog will make that change.

Obviously, we are now setting up a time to get together to fix this before it goes any further.

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