BEWARE: Dogs Can Attack Kids At Halloween

BEWARE: Dogs Can Attack Kids At Halloween

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Hello Sam,

I may have to put my dog down this week.  Please help.

My name is ____ and I have a 3-year-old, neutered, male, dog named _____, in desperate need of help….  I purchased him, because I loved dog training and wanted an AKC breed that would open more opportunities to compete. Over the last 3 years, we have done great and completed Rally Excellent Titles, recent Agility Titles.

Unfortunately, an accident happened last week and that is why I am seeking your advice. We recently sold our home and have been staying with a family member until our new house is complete. We have been here for approximately 3 weeks and our dogs have learned to stay in the back yard (one side of the four is unfenced). We always watch them while they are “doing their thing” in the yard after meals and otherwise they are with us. My dog has NEVER been people aggressive, but IS dog aggressive so I keep a very close watch on his surroundings. Before letting him out, I noticed several young children in Halloween costumes playing hide and seek in our back yard. I waited until they were gone and decided to let him out. Unfortunately, they were still visible and he saw a young girl ran out across our yard and he bit her.

It was horrible and I take full responsibility as an owner. She is OK!  But did suffer from several bite wounds, which were cleaned and sutured. The family and myself are on good terms and I am genuinely sorry as a person and dog owner for such an accident.

I work very hard at being a good dog owner and want my dog to have the BEST life, because he DESERVES that. I screwed up, not him. Our trainers, boarders, and vet have circled around him in defense (because they have never seen aggression in him either). The Animal Control officer has also said what a great dog he is and she is amazed at this event. She says after 10 days of observation, we can have him back. However, I feel to be fair to my dog he needs to no longer live where he would be a risk to make a mistake. I am heartbroken and can’t bear to think of him being euthanized because of my mistake.

Do you know of any options for adoption?  I need it to be the right owner with the right intentions and experience. He has a lot of potential and could be capable mastering any job. He is very socialized after traveling to numerous events but still has the drive you would expect from a _______.  He will fetch and run and swim all day long.

Thank you for your time and if you are interested I can send you more information including pedigrees, recommendations from our trainers, animal control, etc.  I live in _______ and am willing to pay to transport him to the right home.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know as soon as possible.

Our homeowners insurance and local laws will not allow us to keep our dog.  _____ is such a great dog.  I simply can’t keep him and it breaks my heart.


Got the point? Keep your dogs supervised and inside during Halloween.

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