Can My Puppy Protect Me?

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Is a puppy able to protect you?

No. It is not possible for a puppy to protect you. In every social species I’m aware of, when the young are threatened, they tend to run away and hide. This is why it is foolish to be concerning yourself with trying to make your young dog act in a protective manner. Young animals run away from fights, leaving the adults to handle it.

Typically, a dog isn’t able to protect you, and I mean seriously fight for you, until the dog is at least 2 1/2 years old. That is the earliest most military and police dogs are typically put on duty. Some dogs aren’t ready until they are 5 years old. Prior to that, even those professional dogs, that is, before they are mature, are more prone to run away from a fight.

Yes, there are always stories of younger dogs jumping in to protect someone. But, the reason those stories are interesting is because they are so unusual.

If you need protection, then don’t rely on a puppy. Get away from the problem. That is your best defense. If there is no way to get away… then get a gun. And some friends.

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