Can You Neuter A Dog Yourself?

Can You Neuter A Dog Yourself? – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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Is it possible to neuter (or spay) a dog yourself?


A dog should only be neutered or spayed by a veterinarian. If you aren’t a veterinarian, then don’t even try. You don’t have the training. You don’t have the tools. You don’t have the proper surgical environment. You don’t have the antibiotics. You don’t have a veterinary license.

There was a recent story of a woman that tried to neuter her own dog. It was in the news. Guess what? She was arrested and went to jail. All because she was being an idiot and a cheapskate.

Do you want to go to prison? I sure don’t.

Do it yourself neutering (or spaying) is going to put you behind bars. It is cruel. You can, and probably will, kill the dog.

By the way, just by searching for this, it is now recorded by Google (or whatever search engine you used), and your internet service provider. So, there is now a permanent record of your search. They can find you using the same techniques they use to find computer hackers. They know your ISP address, your phone number, your location, your address, type of device, time of day, the searches you made, how many searches you made… everything. All it now takes is for you to commit this crime, and a search warrant by a prosecutor, and you are going to prison.

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