Christmas Gifts For Dogs And Dog Owners – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

Christmas Gifts For Dogs And Dog Owners – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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I have last minute Christmas shopping down to a science. Unlike most things I do, I put Christmas shopping off to the last moment. I think a lot of that has to do with the worry that I won’t be able to find gifts that others would like or need. I’m sure I’m not the only one who agonizes over what to give. So, I’m going to make it easy for you when it come to shopping for dogs and their owners. The one gift I WON’T suggest is getting a puppy or dog for someone without their knowledge. Too many dogs end up being given away after Christmas, so I don’t want to be contributing to abandoned dogs. That being said, here are some great gift ideas. Prices reflect what you can find on the internet if you shop around.

a.) A Grooming Table. I had a Bouvier years ago. Her hair would tangle and mat in less than a day. And her fur would gather dust as the day went on. So, you needed to brush her out regularly. But, doing that was a pain! Sitting on the floor, hovering over a dog, picking apart mats in her beard and on her legs took forever. By the time you were finished, your back and legs were sore. If I got another Bouvier, I’d buy a grooming table, just like the show dog people, and professional groomers, use. The dog stands or sits on the table, and you can stand or sit while brushing them out and clipping their nails. They aren’t cheap, but they are definitely the Cadillac of gifts for owners with dogs that need regular brushing, such as a German Shepherd or even a Maltese. If the person has a bad back, this gift would really be appreciated. Price: $200 to $700

b.) Shop Vacuum. A wet / dry shop vacuum is also a great gift for dog owners. Dogs shed hair. And they bring in dust. A typical home vacuum doesn’t have enough pull to get the hair out of the tight spots in the house. Carpet cleaning machines also don’t work well at sucking up urine accidents on carpet. Shop vacuums are cheap, and disposable if necessary. I’ve always owned one and really have used them a lot over the years. I get the small inexpensive ones. Price: $40 to $300

c.) Dog Drier. If you have a long coated dog, it takes forever for them to dry off after a bath. Dogs also have a tendency to run around the house when wet, rubbing themselves against the walls, along your couches and beds and chairs, and rolling all over the carpet. It’s even worse if you let them run around the yard, because they will roll in dirt or roll all over the grass.. Plus, by doing this, they often just get dirty again. Why not do it like the professionals? Get a drier like the groomers, learn how to use it, and save yourself some hassle and time? This is a great gift. Price: $120 to $500

d.) Automobile Seat Covers. Dogs make the seats of your car dirty over time. Seat covers protect your interior from wear and tear, and keep them cleaner and hold down the loose hair in the car. Price: $20 – $30

e.) Car Seat Harness / Seat Belt. Dogs die in auto accidents all the time. It’s just not reported in the news very often. Dogs should be buckled in when you are in the car. In an accident, a dog flying through the cabin could smash a passenger and kill them, including killing the baby in the baby seat. Dogs should be buckled in. A great gift. Price: $15 – $25

f.) Dog Bed. Dogs get uncomfortable on the floor. The reason some dogs get up onto couches is because it hurts to lay on a hard floor, especially for some breeds, and especially for some dogs that have arthritis. Some dogs also are better behaved if not allowed on furniture. I believe all giant breeds should lay on dog beds. A great gift. Price: $10 – $100

g.) Fancy Dog Accessories. Many dogs look great with fancy buckle collars. You can go from fun to tough looking. I am a convert when it comes to this kind of thing. A lot of people appreciate making their dogs look good like this, and I see nothing wrong with that. Try  to see what I’m referring to. Price: $10 – $100

h.) Dog Training Lessons. Lessons cost a lot of money, and sometimes the reason your friend or family member isn’t dealing with their dog’s problems is because they can’t afford it. They won’t tell you, but that’s the reason. Sometimes, it is just a simple but annoying problem that needs fixing. Other times, the dog, owner and family all need training. Price: $100 – $2,500

i.) Subscriptions To Dog Magazines. There are a lot of fun and interesting dog magazines. I love reading them. You can find them ranging from how to types, pet oriented, show dogs, hunting dogs, and general interest. Go to a local bookstore’s magazine section, and subscribe to a couple of them. Price: $20 – $50

j.) No Tip Stainless Steel Dog Bowls. The best bowls for dogs are stainless steel, for cleanliness. And you can find ones that the dog can’t tip over. Price $3 to $20

k.) Dog Art. Dogs don’t appreciate art, but dog owners do. Many owners have pictures, figurines, paintings and so forth throughout their homes. Some of it is quite nice. One of the best gifts I ever gave was a framed photo of a dog. The dog had passed away the year before, and this was an especially good photo of the dog and owner. It brought tears to the owner’s eyes, and it was really appreciated. Price: $5 to ?????

l.) Cat Tree. Cats need a way to get away from the dog. A cat tree can make life a lot more peaceful in the home. Price: $50 – $100

There are plenty of other dog gifts you can consider. Notice that I left food and toys off the list. You really need to know the dog in order to know if a dog food or toy is safe. Some dogs are allergic to some things. Some toys are safe with some dogs and not with other dogs. Plus, everyone does that.

If you have other ideas, please write and I’ll add the good ones to this list.

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