Do You Have A Funny Dog?

Does your dog make you laugh? Do you have a Funny Dog? I hope so…

Siberian Husky
Happy Dog!

What do I mean by a “Funny Dog”? Some dogs just make you smile. A lot. They are sweet, playful, happy, and confident. You can tell a Funny Dog just by watching them. They are full of joy, and living it up all the time, and they don’t get in trouble.

I truly think everyone wants a Funny Dog. Does everyone have a Funny Dog? Not so much.

Funny Dogs are owned by funny people, those who have fun owning a dog. The dog is a full family member. Birthdays? Yes, the dog has them and the owner celebrates them. Toys? Lots, and new ones, too. Walks? Yes.

If you want a picture of a Funny Dog, think of a Siberian Husky. They are some of the funniest dogs I’ve worked with. Smiling. Playful. Romping around. Great with the family. They make up silly tricks. Just full of joy!

But, it isn’t just confined to one breed. It is really a combination of the right dog with the right owner. When they have the right chemistry, and the owner fully does all that it takes to have a great dog… they get a Funny Dog. I’ve seen Funny Dogs of every breed and mix.

Yes, I should mention, good dog training is essential. A dog can’t blossom into a Funny Dog if it is getting in trouble all the time. But, it has to be the right kind of training. I’ve seen a lot of very somber, stressed, aggressive, messed up dogs because the owners had the wrong ideas about training. You know the types that aren’t very helpful in making the best of their dogs. Over dominating owners. Aggressive owners. Careless owners. Mentally unstable owners. Neglectful owners. Owners who don’t manage their kids properly with the dog. You know what I mean. A potentially Funny Dog is turned into a mess. A dog that is a mess also develops medical issues over time. Stress kills.

Even watchdogs can be Funny Dogs. Some people think only a snarling, snapping dog can protect home and family. Nope. You can have a protective breed and still have a Funny Dog, if you do it right.

From a training standpoint, establishment of good manners is essential. No one appreciates a bratty dog. What owners don’t realize is that they are the ones who have created their bratty dog. So they double down on bad training, and the dog gets even worse. The dogs have the drive to play and be social, but are getting in trouble for being playful and social, which makes that dog neurotic and bratty. That stuff must be prevented or sorted out.

Funny Dogs also do what you ask of them because they are trained properly. Funny Dogs want to do what you want them to do, they love you, love their homes, and are happy. Yes, even Siberian Huskies. There is no excuse for not training your dog properly. A properly trained dog is a happy dog. A happy dog becomes a Funny Dog.

Is your dog a Funny Dog? If not, why not?

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