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Dog Flu – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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Canine Influenza, also known as “Dog Flu” is a highly contagious disease. All dogs exposed to dog flu will get it, and about 5 to 8% of those dogs will die. THIS MEANS YOUR DOG IS GOING TO GET SICK AND MAY DIE. Mine, too. A vaccine is being investigated, but experts tell us there is nothing we can do to prevent the spread of the disease. The disease is all over California and Colorado, and is therefore, in every place you go. It is coming here and to your town and into your home. Even though I try to exercise caution when dealing with dogs, I cannot prevent your dog from getting dog flu, and can’t be responsible for whether your dog gets it and you or your dog suffers as a result. Your dog will probably get the flu from doing business with me, or any other trainer or any kennel operation. If your dog is around other dogs, visits places where other dogs have been, or is around people (like myself) who come in contact with other dogs, then your dog will get dog flu at some point. The other risk appears to be Bird Flu. Governments all over the world are quarantining millions of infected birds and putting them to death, to hold off a potential epidemic. There have been dogs infected which have died already. With either disease, it is possible that the government will quarantine, seize and put to death hundreds, thousands or millions of our pets. In Britain, they killed millions of cattle infected with hoof and mouth disease. So, I figure they could also do it with our pets. Regardless of the disease, there is probably no way that it can be prevented. By making contact with me or my business associates and friends, or doing any business with us, you fully acknowledge and understand the risks to your dog and agree to unconditionally release and indemnify us, our contacts and customers from any liability and hold us harmless from all damages in the event any dog contracts this disease through our interactions. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DOG’S MEDICAL BILLS OR ANY RESULTING DAMAGES FROM THIS DISEASE OR ITS EFFECTS! We can’t be. There is no way for us to prevent this disease. The only way you could prevent your dog from getting this disease would be to put your dog in a bubble, not do business with any kind of pet professional, stay in your house 24 hours a day, don’t go buy dog food from any public retailer, don’t take your dog for walks in public where birds might be, etc., all of which are impossible. Life is sometimes harsh and unfair. This is one of those kinds of things. If you have more questions, I’m not a veterinarian. Call your veterinarian for more specific advice. I have to be blunt about this because I’ve seen dog owners threaten lawsuits against friends in other dog businesses when their dogs got sick, fleas, ticks, etc… stuff that wasn’t the fault of my friends and impossible for anyone to predict or prevent. We live in a lawsuit-happy world, unfortunately.  — “

UPDATE: Well, as of recently, there doesn’t seem to be a dangerous outbreak of dog flu as predicted. Thank goodness it wasn’t as dangerous as we were told. And I’ve heard that they are working on a vaccine. Whew!

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