Dog Haters In Your Neighborhood

Dog Haters In Your Neighborhood

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Here’s something you need to know: You have a dog hater near you… someone right now is surfing the internet for a way to kill someone else’s dog. They are seeking a way to commit a crime and get away with it, like all criminals do. That person could be targeting your dog.

Sam’s philosophy on people: One out of a thousand people is absolutely nuts.

I figure there is at least one Dog Hater in every neighborhood or apartment complex. Some are so mentally unbalanced that they will commit crimes against you or your dog. The good thing is that most will have looked on the internet for ideas on how to get away with their crimes, and they commit the same errors other criminals do, so they leave a trail that can be found by the police. Their IP addresses are recorded by Google and their internet service providers, so the police can track them down and put them in prison. Remember this, so you can pursue the ones that are willing to commit crimes so they can be put where they belong… behind bars.

Dog Haters are hateful, sociopathic busybodies, getting into other people’s business. I have found them typically to be obsessively angry people. Small things just irritate them and make them angry enough to break the law.

I generally find these folks get most irritated by:

a.) Barking Dogs: Dog Haters are obsessive about barking dogs. I’m not excusing owners who let their dogs bark and bark all day long. The Dog Haters go wacko if they even hear a single bark out of your dog. I know of one case where the Dog Hater got angry because he could hear the owner’s dog barking INSIDE the owner’s home, which dogs will do from time to time, even though the barking was barely audible, and you had to be outside and very near the owner’s home to hear the sound. This Dog Hating Guy would be found lurking around the side of the owner’s home. This guy wanted to cause trouble.
b.) Dog Poop in the neighborhood. I do believe you should pick up your dog’s poop on and off your property. Dog poop is really irritating to other people, even if they like dogs. But there is a limit. Dog urine on a publicly owned telephone pole isn’t a neighborhood nuisance. Dog poop on your yard isn’t a nuisance to normal neighbors, so long as it isn’t completely unsightly or piled up. Dog poop in public places should be picked up… but sometimes it isn’t feasible to do it, or you have run out of bags to pick the poop up, or your dog had so much diarrhea that you can’t get it all up. Some Dog Haters will make it a crusade to get rid of the dog poop in their neighborhoods. You can get caught up in their obsession, and get unfairly targeted. I know of one case where a nutty woman paid a private detective (figure she was spending at least $250 /hr) to spy on her neighbors to see who was pooping their dogs along the surrounding streets. She even installed video cameras! If you happened to walk by her house with a dog, she would run out at you and start berating you for having a dog. She was nuts. Her husband was also a millionaire, so she had lots of money to burn on this kind of harassment. You could see her part the curtains and peer out at you if you walked by her house, whether you had a dog or not. But, it’s interesting. She also had kids (what man in his right mind would marry a person like this, and even worse, have kids?). And they weren’t allowed to have any friends over to visit, and the kids were over-managed by this crazy woman. These kinds of folks are sick in the head.
c.) Certain dog breeds. Some folks just don’t like certain breeds of dog. And it doesn’t have to be breeds that you might figure they’d hate. No, it can be any type of dog: Boxers, Dalmatians, Collies, Standard Poodles… I’ve seen it all. If these weirdoes find out you have one in the neighborhood, they will find a way to get at you and your dog.
d.) Something else they don’t like about you, so they get back at you by going after your dog. It could be the way you keep your lawn, the fact you have noisy kids, a dispute over a right of way, etc. Could be anything.
e.) Dogs in general. You’ll see these goofy people patrolling the neighborhood, or sneaking around their yards or your yard, sometimes with weapons, just looking for a confrontation with a dog. (You should get photos of them to document these Hate Walks. Keep copies of their hate mail and posters. Do background checks on their past criminal histories – some will have hurt a dog before.)

The typical Dog Hater has emotional problems. These folks are psychologically warped, and they will obsessively and aggressively provoke fights and retaliate against other people. They need to be in counselling, on medication, and behind bars. They are a danger to society, and have personality disorders.

They definitely don’t have a “live and let live” attitude. And are mentally deranged. The type of person I’m referring to isn’t someone that is reasonably upset that your dog is keeping the whole neighborhood up at night because of never ending barking. Or the person that doesn’t like it that you are pooping your dog in their yard and not cleaning it up. Or the person that is justifiably upset that your guard dog is chasing them back into their home, and isn’t kept supervised and behind a fence. I’m talking about a different type of person. The crazy neighbor.

I’m the type of person to leave other people alone, especially neighbors. Let them be. I have my things that I don’t like, and others have the things they don’t like, so I let them do those things that irritate me since I wouldn’t want them to bug me for the things I do… kind of a version of the Golden Rule.

I’ve heard of Dog Haters playing loud music, blaring piercing whistles, search for sound files on the internet that they believe will irritate dogs or people, shooting off guns, running motorized toy cars along fences, making false claims to the police for noise and dog biting incidents, just to start a fight. You name the type of harassment, I’ve probably heard about it. They do this stuff to set your dogs off or to get you in trouble. They are also obsessive about recordkeeping. They will record every perceived rule infraction, and false charge, on a ledger… which they will then turn into Animal Control or your Homeowner’s Association, in order to get you in trouble. Just remember, there are anti-stalking and anti-harassment laws that can put these mental cases in jail. Study your local laws and set them up for hanging themselves.

The worst ones are highly aggressive. They will file lawsuits, get in fights, try to correct your dog when you aren’t around (I won’t mention methods, so as to not give a crazy idiot any ideas), and ultimately kill your dog.

Here is a recent dog poisoning case. You can bet the person who did this is highly disturbed… and a Dog Hater.

Two recent incidents of dog poisonings at neighboring homes along Mulberry Street in Belle Vernon are being investigated by Southwest Regional police

Think about it. This Dog Hater is now a criminal. The dogs were a 4 MONTH OLD Boxer puppy and a 2 year old Rottweiler. This kind of person is a danger to the community, not just to the dogs involved. Anyone that would do this is better off behind bars.

Dog owners are sometimes the problem. They need to get their acts together and not irritate their neighbors. Don’t be a jerk to other people. Don’t make your dog a target. Don’t break laws. Don’t soil other people’s yards. Don’t let your dog bark for hours on end. Don’t have an untrained, unsocialized dog. Do your part. Be responsible. Stay out of other people’s business and be a good, mannerly citizen! If you bring this on yourself, because you are a flake, then yeah, it will suck when your dog is dead, or if you are hauled into court by this nasty neighbor… but you provoked it. If you are nuts, you don’t deserve a dog.

On the other hand, we know these dog haters are just plain nuts. You can bet a good number of animal complaints are by Dog Haters. They will sometimes have a history of doing these types of things, which can be useful when dealing with them… more evidence for a court. These folks are dangerous to the community, and they need to be locked away. Maybe in a hospital for the criminally insane.

If you own dogs for enough years, you’ll run across a handful of Dog Haters. You can count on it. You need to be prepared for it. My recommendations:

a.) Stay away from the Dog Haters
b.) Be polite and respectful
c.) Protect your pets
d.) Train and supervise your dog
e.) If the Dog Hater starts going after you: fight back, be proactive, don’t let them build a big case against you. Know your rights. Research the law. Recognize these people have been laying a trail that will lead the police back to them, and they can be sent to prison for illegal acts. Start keeping detailed records, do a better job of managing your dog’s behaviors that might trigger a legal complaint, install videocams and microphones around your property (because you’ll find them lurking around your home, and even trespassing), install a fence, install motion detection cameras, get other dog owners in your community involved, put up a Dog On Premises sign so they can’t claim they didn’t know you had a dog, put up No Trespassing signs so you can get them arrested if they get in too close, inspect your yard and neighborhood for booby traps and turn the evidence over to the police, look if you can see if they have booby trapped their own yard, file a complaint with animal control if this person starts to harass your dog, consider moving to a new place, and be prepared to get an attorney. The fights with these nutcases can evolve into a full blown war with your neighbor, including an expensive civil or criminal lawsuit. You can also be injured… there are a number of news stories every year about highly violent, and deadly, incidents with dog haters.

You can’t win with someone who isn’t right in the head. Get away from them. But also, fight back hard and get them tossed into psychological counseling, or even jail, if you have to. They are going for the mental kill on you and your family, to wipe you out. And they are after your dog, to possibly kill your dog. These folks are more common than you might think. Experience tells me that you have a Dog Hater living near you, whether you know it or not.


Dear Sam the Dog Trainer,

I just found your web page. I live next door to these people! If I throw the Frisbee for my dog and he retrieves it, drops it at my feet and barks once for me to throw it again, they (mostly she, but her husband is HER attack dog) go nuts.

Everything you describe on your page describes our situation! From filing false reports to documenting every violation they see. They installed what we called a “magic rock.” It was a big Styrofoam rock meant to hide a well cap. It was RIGHT on the property line, in line with our back yard. We suspected it held a bark deterrent or recording device. We joke that if a ball rolls onto their lawn it gets bagged and tagged and filed in the evidence room.

We have been living here for almost 5 years, and it just goes on and on and on. They have contacted the police, the SPCA, the County Commissioners, Planning and Zoning, Permits Department, all the neighbors around us, and the HOA. There are probably other agencies but I don’t know about them. They complain not just about the dog, but about anything they can, just to make us look bad. And most of what they say is a massive exaggeration or a flat out lie. For example, they wrote in a letter to the HOA that we had “truck parts laying around in the yard.” When the HOA came by they discovered it was the hard top that covers the bed of my husband’s pickup truck. He had removed it to load up the bed of the truck and leaned it against the wall of the house.

No matter how many times they are told we aren’t doing anything wrong, they will not accept this answer. They told people they tried to talk to me and I screamed and cussed at them. I didn’t. But it made a few people afraid to talk to me for a while until I approached them. They also complain about my kids making noise. Noise is definitely her hot button issue.

None of our other neighbors like them. The few they have become friendly with eventually become alienated. Others people in the neighborhood have had negative run ins with them. At least I know it isn’t just me. Even their grown kids and grandchildren rarely visit. Everyone says they are “unhappy people” but I think it is much deeper than that!

Because she was approaching the HOA so much, they just voted (3/24) not to get involved in what is considered to be a neighbor against neighbor issue, which is fine with me. But my fear is that when they exhaust a route, it could provoke an attack from another angle. In fact, I am anticipating it.

The HOA president doesn’t understand that these people have the potential to become dangerous, but I already know they could. I have a background in Human Services and have taken lots of psychology, abnormal psychology, sociology, group dynamics, and other types of classes. They will accept nothing less than complete silence, and I do worry about how they may decide to achieve that goal.

I have 2 dogs, my mom has 1, and I have 3 young children. I worry about poison being placed in our yard, or one of them “accidentally” hitting one of the kids with their cars. My kids aren’t allowed to ride their bikes past the speed bump near that end of our property.

Our yard is 300 feet wide, and the edge of our house is about 115 feet from their property line. So it’s not like my dog is barking into their bedroom window! My dogs are indoor dogs, sleep in my room at night and are crated in my room when I am not home. When we are home, they go in and out to relieve themselves and sometimes we play with them outside. During the summer when the kids are out playing the dogs are out more. We don’t have a fence but the black lab has an overhead line with a lead attached to it. My lab mix mutt doesn’t have a line because she DOES NOT go anywhere, is extremely obedient, and I keep a close eye on her. My mom’s beagle (the lady neighbor said her family raised beagles, I think she used up her bark tolerance at a very early age, haha!) has to be on a line outside because she runs if given the chance. She is also an indoor dog same description as mine. My lab and the beagle might get out of the house and run the neighborhood 2 to 3 times each per year. That’s a pretty good track record, considering there are 3 young children who sometimes forget to make sure a door is latched, or a dog barges past them! The dogs don’t bark all day long at nothing. They do bark when someone with a dog walks by or the doorbell rings, or someone pulls into our driveway. But this is usually a minute or two of barking, at most!

My husband is working out of the area right now which leaves me feeling more vulnerable. Our other neighbors know this and keep an eye on us. Not just because of them, but definitely including them as a concern!

Unfortunately, there is no way I can stop them from using other resources to harass me. I think that is very unfair, because it causes me undue stress for just being a normal person. And it thins resources already stretched beyond breaking! They should be held accountable for the waste of resources they are! The SPCA has real concerns to deal with, such as cruelty and people abandoning pets at record levels due to the economy!

Sorry for this rambling email, I just wanted to thank you for giving voice to what I already know and to acknowledge that you have hit the nail right on the head with your description of some people! Not to mention it is nice to find someone who I think UNDERSTANDS my concerns!

If you have any words of wisdom or want more details of our situation, or just want to offer condolences on my plight, please email me.

Thank you,



Whew! That’s a long email. So, I’ll break up each point and give you my opinions.

<<As you know all too well, there are dog-haters of various types, including the “caninophobes”. (word my own invention) OK, I have the problem of not getting along with dogs, but feelings are mutual between me and “Canis familiaris” representatives. For as long as I remember dogs never liked me, so I developed a dislike toward them as the result.>>

There are many dogs that would love you. In fact, the lion’s share of all dogs would love you and try to interact with you in a friendly way. On the other hand, if you show hostility or rudeness to a dog, then that seems unsociable and you can trigger a fearful or aggressive response. But, that is true with people, too. You have to take some responsibility for your actions in this. You aren’t living in a vacuum.

<<But it needn’t be that way. The biggest problem is irresponsible dog owners. I get along with cats a lot better. >>

You have already admitted that you don’t get along with dogs, so how can you then lay it all on the dog owners? Dog behavior doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Dogs will read your hostility or fear and you’ll get that back, regardless of what the owner does or doesn’t do with their dog. Even cats will act aggressively towards people in some circumstances, but their most immediate response is usually flight.

<<What bothers me is that an awful lot of dog owners are really irresponsible. Not only do they not recognise the fact that not everyone gets along with dogs (maybe people need training too?) but they assume that either you love dogs OR there is something wrong with you.>>

I would agree that there are a lot of irresponsible dog owners, but that is the small minority of dog owners. Just like there are irresponsible parents, yet we don’t say that all parents are irresponsible. And I think it reasonable for people to assume that you like dogs, when the lion’s share of people do like dogs. However, I do think that most dog owners need to be more aware of the social interactions with their dogs, and not force them on people before they find out if that other person wants to interact with their dog. To do otherwise is quite rude and inconsiderate of them towards you. I always control my dog’s interactions and don’t just let my dog greet strangers without getting the ok from the stranger. That is not only polite, it is the wise thing to do.

<<When the dog growls at me the owner takes the dogs growl for it and assumes I’m the “problem child”! While I may not like dogs, I really don’t like such arrogant owners. Maybe owners need to be trained to not be so arrogant, as that is counterproductive with the caninophobes and worse, the real dog-haters.>>

Again, you can trigger this canine response by your behavior. Dogs rarely growl at me in public. I do deal with aggressive dogs, and so I do know that some dogs can be dangerous, and some owners incredibly foolish, but the average dog isn’t dangerous at all. But, if you mishandle any animal, you can get a defensive response. I think you’d do yourself a great favor by studying canine body language and interactions so as to not trigger these aggressive responses. It could prevent a dog bite some time.

<<As far as dogs being in a natural habitat being with people, it depends. OK, a dog raised by people needs to be with people. But feral dogs exist in a forest preserve around Chicago, where they default to going around in packs like wolves – and attack and kill wayward joggers. That only tells me that “natural habitat” depends on their childhood habitat! If born feral in a pack, a dog behaves like a wolf. If raised by people, you get, well, a domestic dog. Note that most all other animals if raised by people default to wild status, hence chimpanzees are extremely bad pets, though it works with dogs. So, your point of natural habitat works only half-way. Better than nothing I suppose. >>

Feral dogs, by definition, are domesticated dogs that are allowed to go wild. Similarly, if you raise a kid in a concentration camp in North Korea, or in a cult, then that kid will probably be wacko as an adult. Neglect, which is allowing a dog to become feral or to allow the breeding of dogs and letting them loose, is another form of animal abuse. Regarding wild /domestic; yes, you can raise a dog to become like a wild animal, just like you can raise a child to be like a wild animal, but you can’t make a wild animal like a domesticated one purely by raising it with people. We have selectively bred dogs to have domesticated behavioral traits, so your comparison to chimpanzees isn’t quite fair.

<<Like most any caninophobe or dog-hater, I cannot tell the intentions of a dog except for the growl part.>>

This can be overcome with education. Even for your own safety, you need to learn more about canine behavior. Why continue to get this response, when most people aren’t plagued with this? You can take control of this kind of thing if you care to.

<<If I’m walking along and sight a stray dog ahead by 150 meters, I will take an evasive manoeuver before any smell gets apparent to that dog.>>

That very type of behavior could cause a dog to go after you. Predators seek weakness, and you are showing weak behavior like prey. A calm, assertive, non-confrontational demeanor is much more effective.

<<For better or worse, dogs LOVE to chase high-speed objects, including speed-walking people. Since I was always a speed-walker (until my knee blew out) dogs found me a fun target to lock on. Jeez, great. A high-speed caninophobe to challenge a dog owner. >>

Leash laws need to be enforced. Where there are no leash laws, then dogs should be required to be under verbal command of their owners. It is basic sense that dogs shouldn’t be allowed to chase after people.

<<Training dogs is great. But my experience shows that dogs are NOT computers. Dogs still have a mind of their own, so they are not as controllable as a TV set with the remote. They can never be, until robo-dogs get popular. Except maybe for guide dogs for the blind, dogs always react to my presence, normally unfavourably. Any dog trainer wanting to allay fears of caninophobes or harder yet convert dog-haters has quite a challenge. Good luck. 🙂 >>

True, they aren’t computers. Dogs require proper socialization, training, containment, and supervision. Untrained dogs shouldn’t ever be off leash in public. Note also what you are telling me: dogs ALWAYS react to your presence. That doesn’t happen with the lion’s share of people. Take note that you are doing this to yourself.

<<A bit of the politics. Too many dog owners want things where if they benefit the assumption is they have complete control, but with liability issues, they want to duck behind the fact they are animals and not robots. They cannot have it both ways.>>

You won’t find that approach with the reputable dog people; trainers, breeders; dog owners; etc. If you read my article on What Makes A Fair Dog Bite Law, you will see that there are exceptions to when it is justified for a dog to bite. But, without those exceptions, then the full force of the law should apply according to the severity of the incident. If dog owners want to continue to have their freedoms of owning dogs, then they have to exercise safe practices.

<<If a dog kills a kid, they want to only pay a speeding ticket of a fine. Meanwhile they want to be able to take the dog anywhere, arguing they can control it. Sorry, it’s one way or the other.>>

Not every incident where a dog kills a kid is the result of an irresponsible dog owner or wacky dog. What if the kid was beating the dog with a stick, or climbed into the locked and fenced yard of a neighbor uninvited? Is that the dog’s fault? Or the owner? On the other hand, if the dog gets loose through negligence of the owner, and the dog kills the kid, then we do blame the owner and they go to jail. The punishment should fit the crime.

<<You want to not use a leash or contain it? Be prepared to face murder charges. Either you control “it” or not.>>

Again, it depends upon the circumstances, doesn’t it. You can’t just do anything to any animal and expect it to take it all. Try picking up a rattlesnake, or slapping a horse around, or climbing into the pen with a sow and her piglets, or try beating a dog with your hands and see what happens. Or try slapping me around, or beating my sister, or raping my friend, and see what happens if I catch you in the act. If you read my blog, , you will see many instances of justified bites and unjustified bites.

<<I consider a dog (any breed, but some more than others due to size) to be a loaded gun with the safety disengaged.>>

Fortunately, you are not the one making or enforcing the law. Society says you are wrong. History and the facts show you are wrong. With nearly 300 million people in the US, we have less than 100 dog bite fatalities every year. That is an insignificant risk, and it doesn’t back up this assertion of yours. And of those 100 dog bite fatalities, some of them are justified attacks.

<<If your dog kills a kid, you just committed Murder 1. Certainly negligent homicide. >>

Again, it depends upon the circumstances. At some point, parents have to be responsible for parenting, and can’t expect the world is child proof. Often times in these bite cases, the parents were nowhere to be found. Have you seen the articles where kids have horribly abused dogs? Do you think that the dogs just have to take it? I remember, years ago, attending a class where the parents had a young Rottweiler puppy and a small boy. The boy kept kicking the dog in the testicles, and all the parents did was say “No, Johnny, don’t do that”. And then the kid would keep kicking the dog. How long is that dog supposed to keep that up? I can send you several true accounts of parents telling me, after the fact, that they should have done more to correct their bratty kids. The kid pushed the dog too far, and the dog finally attacked. Sometimes the kid picked on the wrong dog, too. Maybe the home dog took the abuse, but the strange dog didn’t know the kid and felt its life was in danger. I’ve dealt with these kinds of wacko parents, and they get mighty offended when you tell them to stop letting their kids abuse dogs.

<<If you let your dog out as too many people do, you should be held accountable for its actions. That is, it’s up to the own to contain it.>>

I agree.

<<All dogs should be “chipped” and owners licensed, just like gun owners are licensed and guns have serial numbers.>>

Almost all dog attacks, we know the identities of the dogs, owners and victims. And you know, if you’re honest, that gun control has never been effective in preventing gun crimes. In fact, if you study dog bite cases as much as I do, you will find that a lot of the problem is a side effect of gangs and illegal dog fighting / gambling rings. These people create insane dogs through neglect, abuse and drugs. These dogs are just as wacko as their gangland owners. This is why we need to crack down on gang crime. That is why we have such a pit bull biting problem. The drug guys use these dogs to make money and to protect their drug operations. Another part of the problem is people who don’t know what they are doing with dogs, regardless of their age. And then we have the random bite case which no one can explain. And then, lastly, we have those dogs and people, who could be our neighbors, who are negligent and someone gets hurt. The chipping and licensing of dogs has never, and will never, prevent dog bites. It is a waste of time.

<<We all know that a drunk behind the wheel cannot have it both ways, and the assumption is “complete control” (because he is at the car’s controls) with liability as well as benefit of transportation. When he wrecks, he gets busted as he should. And if the wreck kills someone, he does the hard time. So, does one control a dog or not? If so, it’s a loaded gun or a car ready to roll. If not, the owner must contain the animal. Which is it? YOU CANNOT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS.>>

Some things in life can be controlled, and some can’t. But, accidents and bad people happen, and you can’t control all of that, regardless of the crime. We could try to ban everything in this world, and people would still find a way to screw it up.

Thanks for the challenging email!

Sam Basso


Dear Sam,

I stumbled on your blog, trying to find a productive not confrontational, friendly way to educate and persuade dogs owners from permitting their pets from defecating in our neighborhood. Our community has tried everything, sent out flyers, posted it on facebook and protested to dog walkers not to permit their dog to do their bizzness in someone’s yard. I left the good ole USA back in 1975 and worked overseas for most of my adult life. I never gave it a thought back then but in 1975 you could not find an apartment with no dogs permitted (it was the norm) try that now. I am not against dog owners or pet owners, I just prefer not to be forced to be around them. I like a nice yard and do not want to have to worry about where I step. I moved to an extremely nice upscale apartment in Orlando upon retiring. The apartment complex was saturated with dog feces. The pet owners just would not pick up after their pets even though the apt mgt provided, dog bags and waste cans. We moved after a year to live in a restrictive neighborhood (HOA) which permits pets but mandates they pickup after them, and even here, some pet owners will not pickup after their pet. We have a dog run specifically dedicated for dog owners, but the owners especially of big dogs let them roam free in the soccer field. I even took photos of dog fecies in the kiddy playground area to show our HOA. It’s disgusting. Why is it this, type of behavior is permitted?? From your comments it would appear to be A-OKAY, or at least your saying its no big deal for dogs to defecate or urinate in a public or private area. For me its just like cigarette smokers. One of my neighbors drives a BMW and he routinely permits his pets to defecate in neighbors yards. Its no big deal to him and he has been repeatedly asked not to permit his dogs to do it, his view is as long as he picks it up its okay. Well I wonder how he would feel if he left his car door open in his private drive way and I smoked a cigarett in his beamer. By his theory its no big deal if i empty the ash tray right??? Cigarette smokers like pet owners need to know that not everyone wants to be around them or have to endure their habit or their pet, it is a big deal Sam. Some of really want to live and let live but do not visit what you find enjoyable on others. Unless it is welcomed.

Please think about this next time you witness someone letting their dog defecate in public or private area, for example outside a McDonalds or at coveinant store or on someone’s yard, yes to me it is unsightly to have to see this happening. iIts more then that, its inconsiderate and unhealthy, Sam, I have seen dog owners permit their dog to defecate near a school bus stop and not pick it up. This is where children have to wait for the bus. How would you feel if a child perhaps your child stepped in dog feces and then rode the bus to school or got off the bus and went home and track it in to someone’s home. No big deal right? How would you approach an inconsiderate pet owners, try it sometime. I bet you will be surprised at how defensive they will be. Politely ask a dog owner to pickup after their pet. If i could I would gladly pay more to live in a community a no dog community. They do not exist, and if they do they are difficult to find. Really Sam your the pro, the dog trainer, you should try to be positive about this and not go negative, its not the dogs fault, nor is it a neighbor taking pictures, no Sam just like the cigarett smoker who believe hs has a right to smoke and to heck with everyone else, he must learn to be sensitive to his surroundings, it is the same for the dog owner, they cant claim folks hate dogs when they try to prevent them from defecating or urnating while the go about there walk in the neighborhood, rather it is the dog owners responsibility to not be a nuisance to the general public.

Hope you have a good weekend.


My Response: Unfortunately there’s not always a great solution for things like this. People should pick up after their pets.

Sam Basso is a professional dog trainer and behaviorist, in the Phoenix/ Scottsdale metropolitan area. He’s known for being fun, kind, intelligent, and humane. Sam Basso has a unique personal touch. He has appeared on his own TV show, been a guest radio expert, gives seminars, publishes a dog related blog, does rescue volunteering, and is active in promoting animal welfare and fair dog laws.

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