Dog, My House Is A Disaster Because Of You!

Dog, My House Is A Disaster Because Of You! – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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I have been in many dog owner’s homes. Most homes are well ordered, even if they have multiple dogs. In others, they are a complete mess. When a house is a disaster, is it the dog’s fault or the owner’s fault?

We have to recognize that dogs can and will be destructive in some circumstances. Dogs with Separation Anxiety will be destructive as they desperately try to find ways to escape where they are when alone. They will destroy furniture, walls, doors, and flooring. Untrained dogs will also be destructive, using your things as chew toys, getting into the garbage, thrashing your food in the pantry, and wrecking everything that they can get their teeth and paws on. Dogs that aren’t house trained will stink up a house with urine and feces. Dogs left alone with nothing to do in the back yard will dig up sprinklers and plants, dig holes, chew on the siding and the pipes and wires leading to your air conditioner. Dogs will also spread their toys all over the house, drip water after drinking, bring in dirt, shed hair, sling slobber onto your walls when they shake their heads, and move your rugs and furniture if they start racing around the home.

People contribute to all these situations. They don’t hire a behaviorist when their dogs have Separation Anxiety, and even if they do, they don’t follow through on the homework for more than a week, and then they quit. People leave untrained dogs in the home and yard to wreak havoc on the property. People don’t hire a dog trainer to help them with the house training. And people don’t pick up and clean after their dogs… we all know dogs can’t work a sponge and soap sprayer.

In the end, if your house is a disaster, it is really your fault. I’ve been in some homes that were so filthy that I didn’t want to sit down or touch anything, and then I got a cold afterwards. I remember one house that had brown stains on the couch, and I’m pretty sure that was leaked poop from their toddler. I’ve sat at tables that were so filthy that they were sticky, swarming with flies, and with days old food encrusted on them. I’ve been in homes with open garbage cans overflowing with garbage onto the floor, which the dog was getting in and eating. I’ve been in homes where the people say they are always getting sick… and no wonder… the place is so unsanitary that I have to go home, change clothes, and wash my hands. I’ve been in homes where there was so much clutter on the floors, furniture, and counters that I have no idea how a dog could tell the difference between what was theirs to play with and what was the owners stuff, and whether it was any dirtier outside than on the floors inside. None of that is the dog’s fault.

You get my point. It’s your fault. Quit blaming the dog and get your act together.

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