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Last night, I was doing my usual student follow ups, making sure every dog was on track… One returned message got to me, so I thought I’d post my reactions here as I related them to friends on Facebook…

“It’s sometimes strange to learn the things that can hurt your feelings. Everyone has something that can bother them. Tonight, it was hearing from a past student. I gave her a great lesson… a lesson that works… but came to find out that she hadn’t done any of it, and she was upset with me because her dog didn’t get any better… Now, logically, it makes no sense. I gave her a proven lesson, and others have done and are doing the exact same homework and it’s all turned out perfectly. I even asked her at the time, and followed up several times after the lesson, to see if she needed any assistance, but with no reply. It hurts to be blamed for something that isn’t my fault.” – Sam Basso

This is what a couple of past students had to say as comments…

1.) “Understandable Sam! You are a great trainer, never doubt yourself!!!”

2.) “Sam, that is very hurtful but keep in mind that you didn’t fail. I know that you know that logically but still…You can lead a horse to water but you sure can’t make ’em drink. You are an excellent trainer and part of what makes you excellent is your follow through. I have been sooooo impressed with how much you have proactively contacted me about my dog, in addition to me contacting you. That shows you really care. I am completely sure you contacted her just as much. That’s all you can do on your end. You are by far the best trainer that I’ve come across and that says a lot because by the time I found you I had done a LOT of searching. What makes you so unique is that you are like MacGyver…you find a solution in the most creative ways and you don’t give up. You think out of the box and come up with amazing and successful ways to help dogs and their families coexist. In short, you ROCK for many different reasons!!! So, forget her and her irresponsibility….”

So, if you hire me, realize I do care how things are going. I take this very seriously, and I want you to succeed.

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