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“A BRITISH court has jailed a woman for six weeks for boiling the family cat to death in a washing machine in front of her daughters.”

Other relevant questions:

Doesn’t it encourage animal abusers to give them such a short prison sentence? They figure they can take it, and come back to do another crime another time. I once knew a local public defender who oftentimes was assigned to defend abusive husbands in court. She said that the short sentences emboldened them to come back out and hurt their wives again. They could say to their wives “I’ll be back in 6 weeks to beat you again.”

I heard of a story of a thug who lived in British Columbia. He was arrested over and over again. He would purposely engage the police in physical fights. He’d then get sentenced, to a typical lenient Canadian sentence, then come back to the community to terrorize the people there. While in prison, he’d lift weights, and learn from his fellow prisoners how to get away with new crimes when he got out.

Then, one day, he decided to go to Mexico and pull that same kind of crap. Only there, they tossed him in jail, and chained him to a wall for a couple of years. Prisons are rough there, and you can bet he became some big boy’s “bitch”.

After that, he came home… no more muscles and no more attitude. And he didn’t re-offend. Hmmm…

Why weren’t her parental rights taken away by the court? A nut like this, who boils a cat to death in front of her kids, and shows no remorse should be permanently removed from society, and lose all parental rights. What does this kind of pansy sentence teach these kids? That they are hostage to this wacko when she gets back. Imagine how intimidating this was to her kids.

“Thacker said she had set the dial at 90 degrees Celsius. According to a veterinarian, the cat would have taken five to 10 minutes to die. Fluffy broke its claws trying to escape.”

I can’t even imagine what this cat went through. And you can bet this wasn’t the first time this wacko hurt or threatened this cat.

What kind of sick society have we become?

“Speaking after the case Mr Melloy said: “In the seven years I have been working for the RSPCA as an animal inspector, I have never come across anything as heartless as this.

“It was a deliberate act of cruelty and she knew the cat would die in the washing machine. I hope this sends a very strong message to anyone who is capable of doing anything like this that society will not tolerate it and if we find you we will prosecute you.”

Well, I hope you lose your job. And same goes for the judge and the legislators who allow criminal like this to come back home and into society in just six weeks.

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