Drama In Dog Rescue

Drama In Dog Rescue

Why is there so much drama (fighting, backbiting, animosity, craziness) in the dog rescue world?

If you have been involved in the dog rescue world for any period of time, you will see ongoing feuds between many people. This isn’t anything new. I saw the drama when I first started over 20 years ago. I have seen several manifestations:

  1. Destruction: I have seen rescue “volunteers” sabotage others. I will never forget, and I will never let those who did the sabotage ever have a place in my rescue efforts. They put their personal agendas over the life of the dogs. It is ugly and it is purposeful. It is twisted. These destroyers cost lives.
  2. Holier Than Thou: There are those in the rescue world who are the harshest judges of others. They practically stalk those they think aren’t doing things right, and then go out to destroy. I’ve seen cases where lies were made up out of thin air, authorities contacted, defamatory statements, and worse. Some of these are really just covering up their own shameful efforts, sometimes to keep their jobs, pointing the finger at others to deflect their own participation in the deaths of adoptable pets. These are the troublemakers.
  3. Jealousy: Some can’t accept others being successful. They make it their mission to destroy others, somehow to justify their own pathetic lives. They will tear good rescues down, personally go out to defame and destroy the people involved, and build coalitions of other losers to assist in their jihad. Jealousy has an ugly look to it.
  4.  The Flakes: There are people and organizations that do a terrible job of animal rescue and animal welfare. Some are hoarders. Some are abusive or negligent. Some are goofy. Some are greedy. Some use rescue to rob others of funds to feed their drug addictions or other personal problems. I wish they would just “go out of business”, because they bring shame and difficulties for all the legitimate rescues out there.

My rule has been to take the high road, and to avoid the drama makers. That is my suggestion to you, as well.

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