Should I Get A Second Dog?

I am a big believer in having extras… I don’t just buy one tube of toothpaste, I buy 2. Two milks, two pairs of shoes, etc. You will always find things run smoother in your life if you have extras on hand. I also think it is a good idea, for most people, to have two dogs, here is why…

First, people get dogs as companions. If you overlap the dogs you own, a younger dog with an older dog, when the older dog eventually passes away, you still have a dog for companionship. Companionship is a valuable thing, and not to be underestimated. It provides comfort and peace in your life.

Second, people get dogs for protection. It is well known that dogs are deterrents for burglars and even for street crime. Let’s say one of your dogs is sick, or gets an injury, you have a backup dog. In case of a home invasion, it is harder to deal with two dogs than one. That small amount of time the criminal is hampered by the extra dog, the more time you have to save your life.

Third, most dogs are happier if they have another dog in the home as a companion. They play more, exercise each other more, are peppier, and their lives are more enriched. Further, a calm dog can help stabilize a fearful or jittery dog. Sometimes a second dog can assist the other dog that suffers from separation anxiety.

The plan should be to start with one dog, and get it socialized and trained. Once that dog is running smoothly, then bring in a second dog that will be compatible and balance the other dog, plus socialize and train that dog, too. However, don’t expect the current dog to “train” the new dog. It doesn’t work that way. That’s just a lazy mentality. Invest the time and money into both dogs. Don’t get them at the same time: two dogs acquired at the same time are more than twice the work. Get them one at a time.

So, yes. Get a second dog.

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