He Won’t Get Rid Of His Dog, Should I Break Up With Him?

He Won’t Get Rid Of His Dog, Should I Break Up With Him?

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So, your significant other has a dog, and you’ve told them that its either the dog or you. If they refuse, should you break up with them?

Here’s the deal. I don’t believe in giving boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives ultimatums. If it has gotten to that point, it really isn’t about the dog, it is about the relationship. If you can’t fix that, then yes, you should break up.

It is unfair to make demands like this of someone else. It violates their conscience. It violates their commitment to their dog. You are ripping away something that they are bonded to, a hobby that they like, a fun animal that they enjoy. The dog might end up dead if it is given away… the death rate at shelters is often shockingly high. Dog owners know this.

Why do you want to violate someone else’s free will? They aren’t a child, are they? Why would you do that? Are you needy? Are you a selfish, immature bitch? What other demands are you going to make of him? And can you respect him if he gives into your bullying?

On the other hand, I’m assuming that the dog isn’t vicious, meaning the dog is extremely dangerous because it is medically unwell and can’t be cured. That is a different matter. If the dog can’t be cured, and is posing a danger to you and others, then it is right to take a stand. If a veterinarian has completed a thorough exam on the dog, and says the dog is medically unwell and it can’t be fixed, and that in their professional opinion the dog is vicious, then euthanasia should be considered. But, it is still his dog and he is the one that gets to make that final decision, not you. Other than that, what are you doing demanding that he banish his dog from his home?

If the dog is unmannerly and untrained, that is what dog trainers are for. You don’t get rid of the dog, you train the dog. If your significant other is so inconsiderate that they tolerate an out of control dog, so rude that no one can have fun when the dog is around, then that is a character flaw of that person. I wouldn’t stay with someone that is a flake. It isn’t about the dog, it is about them being irresponsible.

As far as I’m concerned, people who issue unreasonable relationship ultimatums have just committed a relationship deal breaker. It’s not your job to determine if someone is too attached to their dog. You’ve blown it with me. And you’re out of here.

Sam Basso is a professional dog trainer and behaviorist, in the Phoenix/ Scottsdale metropolitan area. He’s known for being fun, kind, intelligent, and humane. Sam Basso has a unique personal touch. He has appeared on his own TV show, been a guest radio expert, gives seminars, publishes a dog related blog, does rescue volunteering, and is active in promoting animal welfare and fair dog laws.

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