Help! My Dog Won’t Obey!

Help! My Dog Won’t Obey! – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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Do you find yourself saying…

My dog won’t Come when called
My dog won’t Sit when told
My dog won’t Down
My dog won’t Heel

In other words, are you saying your dog doesn’t obey, won’t listen, and purposely defies what you say?

What is the answer? What should you do?

I overheard someone talking about their new puppy the other day. The dog wasn’t doing what they wanted, and they were fed up and angry. I still remember them saying, “He’s a little shit.”

Similarly, I had a phone call today about a 2 1/2 year old American Bulldog. The dog was recently adopted, and the dog won’t listen to her new owner, and seems to more listen to men rather than women. I asked what kind of training the dog had, and she said “none”.

In both instances, the dog isn’t the problem. And getting angry with the dog isn’t going to solve the issue. The dog and owner both need obedience lessons. The dog doesn’t have the skills to obey, nor enough practice of those skills to consistently obey. And the owner doesn’t have the knowledge, handler skills, or training in order to know what to do.

The place to start is to find a good dog trainer and enroll in Basic Obedience. All dogs need basic obedience. Guide, hunting, police, protection, search and rescue, and companion dogs all need basic obedience. It all starts with laying that foundation. Basic obedience should take the dog far enough that you can manage the dog in your home and in public. It should cover manners, such as not jumping on guests, not running out the front door, going into the car on command, and working out any behavioral problems you are facing. It should also cover housetraining. Basic obedience should also give you the skills to know what to do to make your dog well mannered and obedient.

Look for such a program. Find a good trainer. Get references. Then set it up. And the result…

Problem solved!

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