How Do You Teach Your Dog To Not Like Other Women?

How Do You Teach Your Dog To Not Like Other Women? – Phoenix Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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How do you teach a dog to not like women (or men)?

It is a mistake to ever teach a dog to not like a certain gender. No professional protection trainer does this kind of thing with a dog. That’s because it groups too many innocent people into the category of folks that the dog is supposed to act aggressively, or aloof, towards.

Properly socialized and trained dogs should obey their masters, to discriminate between people the dog knows and doesn’t know, and to discriminate between people that are acting in an antisocial manner from those that aren’t.

I have to wonder why anyone would want a dog to not like women in general. Or men in general. What is the purpose? Half of all the people on earth fall into one or the other category. Certainly, half of the people you run across shouldn’t be targeted as a problem for your dog. This would also apply to trying to teach a dog to not like people that were black, or gay, or tall, short, fat, blind, with one leg, or who talk too loud or soft, or people with short hair or long hair, or anything else like that. It isn’t a functional way to raise, train or manage a dog.

I think you are defining the problem incorrectly. First, if you have problems with all other women or all other men, then that is something to discuss with your counselor. Something is wrong with your perspective on other people. You are asking too much of your dog to keep all other people of a certain type away from you. Second, if you want a dog to not be sociable with others, then don’t get a breed that is sociable with others. There are many breeds that are indifferent and aloof with strangers. Being indifferent or aloof isn’t the same as being aggressive or not liking them. It just means the dog doesn’t really care to get to know them. Third, if you are looking for the dog to not like another gender, which implies that the dog would act aggressively towards them, then that is going to make your dog into something unnatural, and you’ll have to do certain things to the dog that will make it neurotic. That kind of thing would go against its natural programming, and you’d have to do some very abnormal things to the dog to get it that way. Fourth, if you need a protection dog, then learn more about that kind of dog. But, no responsible protection dog trainer is going to teach a dog to not like one particular gender of humans. And Fifth, maybe you are jealous that your dog likes women, and goes over to them and pays more attention to them than to you. I’ve had a dog like that. Some dogs just gravitate towards men or women. That isn’t an indication that you need to make the dog not like other women. It means your dog is being sociable. If the other person is being irritated by your dog’s attention, then that means your dog needs better training. The dog doesn’t need to not like other women, the dog needs to be more mannerly around other women.

If you are on this path to make a dog be hostile to women, then I think you have gotten a dog for all the wrong reasons. This is not the role of any dog. Something else is bothering you, and you should talk to a professional counselor to help you sort this out. Leave the dog out of it. If the dog is just untrained, and being rude, then that is just an indication that you need to train your dog better.

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