How To Give Dogs Commands They Cannot Refuse

How To Give Dogs Commands They Cannot Refuse – Phoenix Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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Everyone wants a better way to train and manage a dog. So, is it possible to give dogs commands that they cannot refuse? In other words, can you turn a dog into a robot?

There is an important aspect of behavior that many people are unaware exists. No two behaviors that a dog does will ever be performed exactly the same way. Sometimes it will be slower, faster, more defiant, less defiant, more distracted, less distracted, more precise, less precise, and so forth. That variability is what helps allow animals survive in the wild. If all behaviors were completely robotic, then an animal would find it a lot harder to figure out ways of surviving since innumerable environmental changes happen every day. That small variability could mean the difference between survival and extinction.

People want a magic formula for training dogs. So, they go and get electric collars, clickers, this leash or that collar, watch celebrity dog trainers on TV or YouTube, and so forth. The problem is that there isn’t always a training solution for every dog problem. For example, let’s say you put 40 dogs in a small apartment. There is a high probability that some would fight the others purely because of the number of dogs squeezed into such a small territory. No matter how well you trained all of those dogs, and what commands you issued, you’d still have behavioral problems. Some behaviors are “baked in” to dogs, by their DNA, such as when dealing with a scent hound or a sight hound. They are going to have tendencies that can’t be removed through training.

Further, if it was possible to train dogs in such a way as to make them robots, then you could get perfect scores in obedience competition with every dog every time. No one has ever been able to do that, regardless of the method used. If that kind of thing was possible, then you could train dogs so well that you wouldn’t even have to supervise them around cars, infants, tall cliffs, rattlesnakes, and so forth. We could eliminate all dog laws and eliminate all leash laws, too. Of course, that is silly. Nature is more powerful than any training method.

So, stop looking for this kind of thing. Stop expecting something of your dog that even you aren’t capable of doing… acting perfectly all the time. Go do the hard work of properly picking, socializing, caring for, supervising, training, handling, and leading your dog. Quit being lazy.

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