I Don’t Want My Dog To Grow

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There are some people that want their dogs to remain puppies. They even go so far as to not want their puppies to grow up to adult size.

I always wonder what is going on with people who have these kinds of strange motivations. Why would you not want a dog to become an adult? Why would you think it is a good thing that a dog would remain in a puppy body?

This perpetual puppy attitude is dangerous. I don’t think people with these types of attitudes are safe with dogs.

From a behavior standpoint, doing things to keep a dog a puppy means you will be spoiling the dog. You’ll carry it around all the time. You won’t let it learn adult behaviors. You will shelter the puppy from the kinds of experiences the puppy would need to grow up. All of this creates a miserable dog. Dogs treated this way become dangerously aggressive.

From a health standpoint, dogs that are overly sheltered never get the kinds of physical exercise necessary to be healthy. And people that put their puppies on severely restricted diets to keep them small are slowly killing their dogs.

People like this create a lifestyle that is really a managed slow death. They create a situation that causes a dog to slowly die. Instead of the dog dying in a normal 10 to 12 year span, they kill the dog over a 5 year span. It is cruel, it is abusive, it is immoral.

It is abusive to not let a dog develop mentally and physically. If you are doing this to a dog, then give the dog away. Find the dog another home. You aren’t the kind of person that should own a dog. Your dog is dying.

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