I Should Never Have Gotten A Puppy

I Should Never Have Gotten A Puppy

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So, you have a puppy and are now having second thoughts. What should you do?

First, you need to go over the reasons why you got a dog in the first place, and whether you are someone that should be owing a dog, or should be owning a dog right now. If your reasons were good reasons for having a dog, then that weighs in favor of keeping the dog. If you are someone that really shouldn’t own a dog, then that weighs against owning a dog. And if you realize that the timing isn’t right, and effectively means you can’t or won’t spend the time and resources necessary to make this work out, then that works against keeping the dog.

Second, if you decide to not keep the puppy, you really need to be careful what you do next. At this very moment, you could be making a decision that could result in a horrible death for the dog. For example, you can’t just give the dog away to strangers. There are people out there that take pups and then put them in with fighting dogs as bait. Seriously. You also don’t want to just drop the dog off at any shelter. Some shelters are no-kill and some kill all excess dogs every week. Your pup deserves better. Some rescue groups and rescue volunteers might be willing to help. Get references from local veterinarians, trainers, and groomers. By networking, you can find a place for most puppies. Or, if you dealt with a reputable breeder, sometimes they will take the puppy back. But, don’t expect to get your money back. Pet stores are a gamble, and it all depends upon their policies. While you are looking for a home, DON’T neglect this puppy’s needs: supervision, good food, toys and play time, exercise time, ongoing socialization, house training, veterinary care, proper puppy manners training, and so forth. Just because you don’t want the dog doesn’t make it right to now neglect the puppy and wreck it for the next person.

Third, if you do decide to keep your puppy, then make that commitment! Go all in! It is time to hire professionals to give you ideas on making this work. Enroll in lessons earlier than you otherwise would. Tell your trainer everything that concerns you. A good trainer will work hard for you and brainstorm ideas for your situation and concerns. Work on those puppy issues now so as to make this phase go smoother. Do your daily homework. Find times to just have fun with your puppy so it isn’t all work. As each week and month goes by, the pup will get easier and easier if you do things right. A good dog trainer can ease a lot of the difficulties for you. They know how to make it fun and easy. So, go spend some money and get this going. Don’t wait. Don’t postpone things and let things get more difficult.

Pet ownership is a legal and moral responsibility. So, make a quality decision, treat the puppy humanely, and then follow through.

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