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I am a supporter of the No Kill Shelter movement.

Too many adoptable shelter dogs are put to death every year. This has to change. We have legalized animal abuse by exempting shelters and their personnel from accountability, and that has to stop. Shelter abuse is a common practice across the US. Every shelter needs an outside, independent, ongoing citizen audit system to ensure that high standards of animal welfare are being implemented and sustained. There’s no way shelter dogs will pass temperament evaluations if abused, and no way they will be ready for adoption if abused. When abuse becomes the norm, then everyone comes to accept it and excuse it. The only way to prevent that is to have outside audits from citizens who have not become jaded and desensitized to inhumane animal husbandry practices.

I am therefore available for consultations, and to assist your community, to convert your local government run shelters into privately held No Kill Shelters. I have numerous ideas of funding, operations, training of staff, behavioral modification and management of the dogs, shelter design, and so forth.

Here are some of my thoughts on the NK movement:

1.) The NK movement is an animal welfare movement to limit the unnecessary killing of adoptable dogs (and other pets). This is a worthy goal.
2.) Most shelters in the US are government run. As all government run organizations, they are inefficient and too costly and bureaucratic, and specifically, they are not appropriate vehicles for sheltering dogs.
3.) The government has a legitimate police power to enforce the law. However, the “police” don’t make good animal husbandry experts. Thus, these two roles should be split, between a governmental role in enforcement, and a private role in the care of the animals.
4.) The death rate in ordinary shelters is unacceptably high
5.) The care level of ordinary shelters is unacceptably inhumane. If we treated zoo, farm, or research animals the same way we treated animals in our ordinary shelters, we’d be appalled. Somehow, we’ve come to accept that the status quo is acceptable, but it isn’t.
6.) There are model NK shelters in operation. We should learn from what they are doing and convert ordinary shelters to NK

This article will be expanded and amended over time. I got into dog training originally for animal welfare purposes, and that motivation still keeps me going every day.

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