I Want My Dog To Bite Strangers

I Want My Dog To Bite Strangers

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I know. You are researching ways to make your dog to bite strangers. So, to answer that question, here’s what you need to do. [PLEASE READ: My Dog Is Too Friendly With Strangers ]

Know The Law: Any place where you are with your dog has laws and regulations regarding when it is OK for your dog to bite strangers. There is a big difference between when it should be morally OK for a dog to bite, and when it is LEGAL for a dog to bite. There are plenty of instances where a dog bit someone for the right reasons, yet the dog was seized by the government authorities and put to death, and the owner was put in prison. If you don’t know the law about dog bites, then you shouldn’t even be considering owning or deploying a dog to bite anyone. You MUST obey the law. Or you will spend time in prison, and in some cases, people have been sent to prison for many years. If you plan on using a dog for illegal purposes, then you are sentencing your dog to death, you are planning on injuring some innocent person, and you will go to prison. Another thing to consider is how you’re going to feel if the dog kills someone. The statistics say that over 50% of the people who kill a child in an auto accident commit suicide. They can’t live with killing a child, even it it was an accident. I’ve never seen statistics on dogs that kill children, but you are risking your own life if your dog kills an innocent person, especially a child. And it is very possible that if you are responsible for the death of another person, you will create enemies. If the person you kill is of another race, the reality is that you could be targeted and killed if it becomes a public issue. I don’t care if the victim is white, black, or whatever… if you inflame any group because of a hate crime, then you could end up dead, either because your home is firebombed, or you could be violently attacked in prison.  I wouldn’t want that burden. So, if you hate people of  another race… prepare for a violent death.

Get Away From Trouble First: Every self defense course recommends that you try to get away from trouble if you can. There is nothing fair in a street fight. If you want your dog to bite strangers, then anyone could pull out a gun and kill the dog AND YOU. I was once contacted by a family in South Africa. They said that gangs were raiding farms, raping and then killing the residents, and then looting their homes. She was interested in obtaining guard dogs. I told her there wasn’t a dog that could stand up to a machine gun (which is what these bandits were using). I recommended that she not get dogs… but to move away. She said she couldn’t do that. That was their family ranch, and had been owned by her ancestors for generations. I have no idea if she is alive or dead today. None of that land was worth being raped and murdered. You are a damned fool if you think a dog can stand up to armed militants, whether they are gang members in your town or during a revolution. Man has perfected the weapons of war, and has the ability to kill every living thing on the planet. Dogs have a very limited ability to protect you.

Guard Dogs Are Obsolete: No professional uses guard dogs. Guard dogs can’t stop an armed criminal. It is too easy kill an unsupervised protection dog. You are stupid to put a dog in your yard to protect your property. It is useless. And besides, what is in the back yard to protect? Do you live in your back yard? Then you have worse problems than needing a dog. Is your wallet kept in the back yard? How about your TV, computer, or jewelry? Do you keep that stuff in your back yard?

Do What Professionals Do: Professionals, such as police and the military, use protection dogs properly. They obey strict rules for deployment. They know the law. And the dog fights alongside the handler, not alone, not against armed assailants. If you can’t deploy a dog, legally, like a professional, then the dog will be useless. A dog’s best protection assets aren’t its teeth… Professionals are more interested in a dog’s ability to hear and smell danger. Professionals will use a dog to detect criminals, and then it is more likely that the police or military will use a gun than deploy the dog. In Vietnam, scout dogs could detect commandos hundreds of yards away, both by hearing and scent, and are credited with saving nearly 10,000 American soldier’s lives. I would MUCH RATHER have a dog that alerted me to trouble, such as barking if it heard a thief breaking into my house or car, or signaling that a bomb was detected under my car, or the way its ears twitched if someone was about to ambush me out of bushes, or alerting to the scent of someone hiding in my home as I arrived, than a dog that would bite. I am MUCH more dangerous to another human than any dog. For example, I can call in help, whether friends, neighbors, family, or the police. A dog can’t do that.

Get The Right Dog: If I was going to get a race car, I’d first try to get a car that would win on the type of racecourse I planned on betting my career. I’d get a dragster for the quarter mile. I’d get a different car for Formula One. And another for a NASCAR event. Similarly, there are many different types of protection dogs. And even though this might seem obvious, way too many people get a dog that is incapable of doing the kind of protection work they envision. Thus, a lot of people start out with a very sociable, mild mannered dog and then look for ways to turn it into a protection dog. Sorry folks, that won’t work. You will lose the race. I’m assuming that you are looking for a dog to potentially save your life one day, yet you are planning on entering your Volkswagen Bug to race the Indianapolis 500. You are going to lose. The dog will end up running away or dead, regardless of what preparations and training you do, and you’ll end up dead, too. Nice job! You are officially an idiot. Unless, you instead get the right dog for the job. That is a very long discussion, and more than I can type here. I could write an entire book on the topic. But, the bottom line is you need a dog that will protect, and fight the other guy into submission or die trying, in the kinds of dangerous circumstances you might encounter. Thus, you need to be working with a reputable protection dog expert, to evaluate your needs, and then finding you the right dog. There isn’t just ONE right dog for every circumstance or for every person. It is highly individual.

Get Trained: There was a woman that purchased a such a protection dog. The dog was an adult, and the real deal. A true manstopper. Within 2 weeks of owning the dog, it attacked and mauled her. You have to understand these types of dogs aren’t pets. They are protection dogs, and if you aren’t the type of person that can bond with, handle, command, and physically control such a dog, this kind of thing could easily happen to you. Or to some innocent person. I know of another manstopping dog that was purchased by novices. They didn’t train him, and didn’t gain leadership over the dog. So, he got more and more defiant. Stupidly, they purchased an electric collar and tried to correct him that way, with no professional input or training. He attacked the husband and put him in the hospital for 3 weeks. The dog was then given away to a police department. The dog wasn’t defective. The people were stupid.

Train The Dog: All protection dogs should be fully trained, and the training maintained for the life of the dog. You can’t go the cheap route, such as not training the dog at all, or going through pet store training, or such. You need to be prepared to spend thousands of dollars on professional training. You need to participate in all the lessons, too. You can’t send such a dog away and expect it to respect you. You also won’t gain the skills necessary to control that kind of dog.

Don’t Be An Idiot: A good protection dog is properly raised, socialized, trained, supervised, and kept at the highest levels of command. Anything less is just a formula for you spending time behind bars. A good protection dog owner doesn’t want a dog to bite strangers, they want a dog to protect them lawfully. Any other kind of dog is useless. A good protection dog is properly socialized so that it can distinguish between who you tell the dog is a danger to you, and who isn’t. You don’t want a dog that bites everyone. That is just a lawsuit waiting to happen. And if the dog hates everyone, then the dog could very easily bite the wrong person, while the one you wanted it to bite shoots you dead. It is also important to realize that owning such a dog doesn’t make you cool. Lots of young guys think if they had a nasty dog, it will impress friends, and get them women. If you think that, then you have no “game”. That’s not how to be the leader of your pack. It surely isn’t the way to get women. You’re as stupid as those guys that go to the gym 8 hours a day, pump up their muscles, and think that women will come flocking to you. Yet, we all know, you are alone at home, and not getting the kinds of hot women you’d like. You are seen as a loser by the hot ones. You don’t know the first thing about women. Or how to lead other men. You are being an idiot. Grow up. A dog can’t get that status for you. And if you think that getting a dog will make you a better criminal, think again. The cops will kill your dog when they bust down the doors, and then you’ll be either in custody heading for prison, or you’ll lying in your own blood on the floor just as dead as your dog. That’s what happens to idiots.

Do It Right: Everything worth having in life requires hard work. If you aren’t willing to do what is necessary, then you might as well quit. You are a loser. Either do it right or don’t get a dog.

Sam Basso is a professional dog trainer and behaviorist, in the Phoenix/ Scottsdale metropolitan area. He’s known for being fun, kind, intelligent, and humane. Sam Basso has a unique personal touch. He has appeared on his own TV show, been a guest radio expert, gives seminars, publishes a dog related blog, does rescue volunteering, and is active in promoting animal welfare and fair dog laws.

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