If I Hear You Talk About Your Dog One More Time…

If I Hear You Talk About Your Dog One More Time…

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Are you with someone that gets irritated when you talk about your dog?

I have become more and more selective, over the years, with whom I choose to spend my time with. For example, I have decided people that bring drama into my life are history. Be gone! If you can’t accept me for who I am, and accept that I like dogs, then you really aren’t the kind of person I need to be around. Our lives don’t mesh.

There are two sides to this situation, however. If you are the one that is being annoying and disrespectful of others, then you are making your dog a target of irritation. For example, if you and I were on a date, and all you ever talked about was your dog (or kids, or car, or telescope, or job, or hobby, or…), after a while, I’d feel disrespected. We are here to get to know one another, it isn’t a meeting to learn about every little detail about your dog. If all we talk about is your dog, then you are a pretty dull, self centered person and I’ll find someone else to spend my quality time with. So, the more you drone on, the more they are going to hate your dog…

So, what is your situation? Is the other person just a dog hater? If so, then distance yourself from them and don’t talk about your dog around them. Are you the problem instead? Are you a blabbermouth, always talking about your dog and never letting the other person get a word in edgewise? Then, learn to shut up or they will not want to be around you any more.

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