I’m Afraid To Take My Dog To The Vet In Case He Bites Them – Phoenix Scottsdale AZ Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

I’m Afraid To Take My Dog To The Vet In Case He Bites Them – Phoenix Scottsdale AZ Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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I have worked with a number of dogs that had the real potential to bite the veterinarian. I’ve worked with other dogs that had severely bitten veterinarians or their technicians and were banned from coming back. It is a real problem. In fact, several years ago, I gave a seminar to a veterinarian group on ways they could prevent aggression in their offices. Vets are quite aware of the dangers of their profession.

The Vet’s Fault: Sometimes veterinarians provoke dogs to bite. I have been around dogs and veterinarians for many years, and not all veterinarians are good with dogs, or very smart about dealing with aggressive dogs. The vet business has to make money, and there is a vet office on just about every corner in the suburbs. The average quality ones are a dime a dozen. So, some have to move patients in and out the doors pretty quickly in order to generate enough money to pay the bills. The problem is that the dog isn’t given half a chance to warm up to a strange environment or strangers, so they are in escape or defensive aggressive mode the moment they enter the examination room. In addition to thiis, we are talking about a dog hospital. The dogs are there because they aren’t feeling well. A sick dog is more likely to bite or attack. And when a dog is manhandled through a bunch of procedures, a dogs defense and escape motivations are greatly increased. Good veterinarians don’t make stupid moves with dogs. They work with behaviorists when needed. They don’t pin a dog down, corner it, or hurt the dog. They try to make the experience good for the owner and the dog. This is the type of vet you should be looking for and working with.

The Owner’s Fault: Sometimes veterinarians are unaware that a particular dog is dangerous. The owner doesn’t warn them in advance, and is just hoping to God the dog doesn’t attack. This is totally unfair to the veterinarian. Most veterinarians assume you are good and competent. I have found most veterinarians are willing to work with dogs that are fearful or aggressive. But, you need to give them advance warning.

Dangerous Dogs: In addition, I’ve received vet referrals for their dangerous clients, so we can make the dog safe to handle and exam. There are a number of nifty ideas I’ve developed over the years to allow aggressive dogs good veterinary care.

Procrastination isn’t a very good plan. If your dog is going to be dangerous to a veterinarian, it is good to employ a behaviorist. In addition, it is a good idea to get the veterinarian on your team, to work hand-in-hand with the behaviorist. Medical care needs to be applied. The longer you wait, the worse the dog is going to feel. And safety needs to be observed. Both goals can be attained.

Sam Basso is a professional dog trainer and behaviorist, in the Phoenix/ Scottsdale metropolitan area. He’s known for being fun, kind, intelligent, and humane. Sam Basso has a unique personal touch. He has appeared on his own TV show, been a guest radio expert, gives seminars, publishes a dog related blog, does rescue volunteering, and is active in promoting animal welfare and fair dog laws.

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