I’m Working With An Angry Dog Trainer

I’m Working With An Angry Dog Trainer – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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Are you working with an angry dog trainer?

I have worked with angry dog trainers. And then, they take it out on your dog.

I have had it happen to one of my dogs. I quit the program.

That’s what you should do, as well.

Good dog training requires a good attitude. If I’m having a bad day, I cancel any lessons I’m doing and I take the rest of the day off. I never want to project that bad attitude towards any dog I’m around. I always want to be at my best with the student, and with the dog.

Good dog training takes a lot of emotional self control to do it right. You have to project the right attitude towards the dog in order to get the right behaviors out of the dog. If you can’t do that, then it is better to just walk away from the situation and go at it tomorrow. The same holds true with your own dog. If you are having a bad day, then avoid correcting your dog. Just go play some fetch, or go for a walk that day with your dog, and leave off the training. It’s not going to matter that you didn’t do a lesson that day, or that you didn’t correct your dog for some misbehavior that day. It can always be dealt with tomorrow or the next day, when you have your attitude right and you are then able to give your dog proper instruction.

Everyone has bad days. But, to always have a bad day, and then take it out on the dogs you are working with… becomes bad training. Some people shouldn’t be training dogs at all. They like hurting dogs. They like putting their students down and making them feel like two cents. If that’s the situation you are in… find a new instructor.

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