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Do you need a protection dog? Or are you looking to train your dog to do protection? Then you need to hire a professional and not try to do this on your own.

Armin Winkler is an expert at K9 and protection dog training
Armin Winkler is an expert at K9 and protection dog training. That's him working my dog, Dillon

I support the responsible ownership and training of protection dogs. However, these types of dogs aren’t for everyone. Here is everything you need to get started, and to decide if this is the right kind of dog for your situation.

First, read each of the articles at Armin Winkler’s web page in full. His web page is http://www.k9trainingexperts.com

I trained with him for 2 years. He is absolutely excellent. If you are looking to purchase a protection, military, police, KNPV, Schutzhund, or Ring Sport dog, he’s the one to contact. Whether you are looking for a competitive sport dog, or a “real” dog that will defend you with it’s life, he can find, evaluate and train such a dog for you. He knows all the protection breeds: Airedale, Beauceron, Belgian Malinois, Belgian Shepherd, Bouvier, Boxer, Bullmastiff, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Dalmatian, Doberman, Dutch Shepherd, Giant and Standard Schnauzer, German Shepherd Dog, German Wirehaired Pointer, Great Dane, Hovawart, Rottweiler or other man working breeds.

He is an expert in behavior, obedience, tracking, and protection. If you are looking for that kind of training, he is the one to contact. He is known for being a no nonsense type of expert, and if you want an honest opinion, he will give it.

Second, evaluate whether this type of dog fits your security and family needs (see below).

Third, contact my friend, and Master Trainer, Armin Winkler about getting a dog and training. He is located in Virginia, he’s the best, and I trust his judgment 100%. Be assured he will tell you directly whether he feels you are suited to own such a dog. He doesn’t work with everyone and you will have to demonstrate your commitment to being a responsible dog owner. I do not know of a local protection dog trainer that I could recommend, and if you just hire anyone you will not only wreck your dog you could risk someday going to prison for your dog attacking and killing someone.


Owning such a dog comes with a great deal of commitment, effort, and physical exercise. Not everyone is capable of handling such a dog, and not every home is suitable for such a dog. On the other hand, some people need such a dog, and the public needs to breed and train these types of dogs to supply the police, military, border patrol, Homeland Security, etc. Without private involvement, then K9 services across the country would be jeopardized and our personal safety endangered. We NEED these types of dogs, and we need responsible people to breed, train and supply these dogs. The dog you raise might just save someone’s life someday, or maybe the dog you breed will save someone’s life some day. Think about that.

Schutzhund is a sport that simulates police work, and is different than training a dog to do real street protection work. When you train a dog to do Schutzhund or police work, the person that wears the protective clothing is the trainer. Schutzhund IS NOT protection training, and the clubs won’t want you if that is why you are joining. It is competitive SPORT FOR FUN.

You MUST NOT try to train your own dog to bite you or anyone else! Proper training requires an expert in bite training (that person is called a Helper) with specialized training and equipment. It is VERY DIFFICULT to find a qualified Helper (even though you will find folks listed in the Yellow Pages that offer protection training (YOU SHOULD NOT USE THEM). If you don’t find an expert, and hire the wrong person, you can be assured that they will wreck your dog. A good Helper makes your dog a better dog: more obedient, better able to contain and control its aggression, happier, more relaxed, safer, and easier to live with. If you teach the dog to bite you, you will mess up your dog. Dogs aren’t supposed to bite people they know and live with, and to force them to do that will make them extremely dangerous.

YOU ALSO SHOULD BE THE KIND OF PERSON THAT CAN HANDLE SUCH A DOG. Not everyone is a good candidate for such a dog. Armin Winkler is one of the best protection dog trainers in the US, an expert on the dog protection sports and in training dogs for true protection work. I highly recommend him. To contact Armin Winkler about whether such a dog is right for your situation, or for training, or to hire him to locate, evaluate, select, purchase and train a proper dog for these purposes, you may email him at [email protected] Please tell him that you heard about him from Sam Basso.

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