Litchfield Park AZ, Dog Trainer, Dog Training, Behaviorist

Litchfield Park AZ, Dog Trainer, Dog Training, Behaviorist

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I am a premier dog trainer and behaviorist for Litchfield Park, AZ. I’ve been told it’s pretty difficult to get a good dog trainer in Litchfield Park, AZ.  You’re pretty far away for most dog trainers. I will train dogs and do evaluations in Litchfield Park, but it’s best if we schedule them in the mornings or weekends, to avoid rush hour traffic. In LP, I normally have people hire me for the more difficult dog issues because they need someone better than they seem to be able to find locally. So, I get the tough cases to solve, and those who are wanting a higher level of quality in the obedience training for their dog and family. That’s ok. That’s what I’m here for: to help you and your dog!

I did a lesson yesterday (Sunday) with a couple that had rescued a 1 year old German Shepherd Dog that someone had let loose in the farming fields in Laveen. It had been loose for about 3 months, and the farm workers had been tossing food to him. The wife decided that August was too hot, and they had to make a try at getting him. So, for three weeks, every day, they would put out food and water for him. Eventually, he trusted them enough that they slipped a leash on his collar and took him home… Fast forward to yesterday. The dog still has major fear issues, with strangers, veterinarians, and sometimes even with the owners. So, I put them on a behavior modification plan to work on these things over time.

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