My Dog Doesn’t Like Anybody

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What do you do with the dog that doesn’t like anybody? This type of dog doesn’t like strangers, doesn’t like anyone the dog knows or lives with, and doesn’t like any animal?

This type of is abnormal or idiopathic, and I suspect it might be an indication that something is medically or psychologically wrong with the dog. Or the dog was severely neglected, injured or abused.

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If you have a dog like this, combining all of these traits, then you are in over your head. You shouldn’t try to fix this on your own. The first thing to do is a complete medical exam by your veterinarian. I’d go to a higher quality vet, too. A pet store vet isn’t going to be good enough. Treat the dog for any allergy, disease, pain, or disability. Then, if the dog still isn’t better, it’s time to hire a professional behaviorist.

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