My Dog Purposely Doesn’t Listen To Me

My Dog Purposely Doesn’t Listen To Me

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Is It On Purpose? Do you notice that your dog purposely doesn’t listen to you? What is that all about and what can you do about it?

When we talk about a dog having a “purpose”, we are assuming that the dog has another aim or goal in mind that conflicts with your aims and goals. What we are not saying is that the dog has a “reason”, since dogs don’t have the same kinds of mental abilities as humans. But, they can be distracted, drawn towards wanting to do something else. They can also resist doing things that you want them to do. And they can be completely baffled by what we are wanting, and it can look like defiance.

Training: The first thing I want to know in a situation like this is whether the dog is trained. Most of the time, the dog isn’t trained at all, or the training was incomplete. It is unfair to expect a dog to follow what you are wanting when your dog doesn’t have enough skill and practice to be good at what you are asking.

Your Relationship: The second thing I want to know is how your relationship is with your dog. Many times, the relationship between the dog and the owner is antagonistic. They are butting heads. That isn’t the way to properly lead a dog. Good training causes a dog, over time, to be willing to please. That means, the dog respects the owner and gets pleasure out of doing things for the owner. You can’t get that out of a poorly led dog. That has to be earned over time through a lot of proper work and affection. I have experience in getting dogs to this point, and I bet you don’t have that kind of relationship with your dog.

How To Fix This: The solution is a proper training program, which includes learning how to live harmoniously with your dog. The two go hand in hand. Only a good dog trainer has the ability to show you how to get to that place with your dog. The worst thing would be to get harsh with your dog. It will only make the problem get worse. You aren’t working together as a team, you are butting heads, and you are the one that is going to lose that battle. Your relationship with your dog is going to sour the longer this goes on.

So, find yourself a great trainer and get to work.

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