My Dog Runs Away From The Leash

My Dog Runs Away From The Leash – Dog Training – Dog Trainer – Behaviorist

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Does your dog run away from you when you have a leash? Or if you have a collar in your hand?

I don’t consider this a minor problem. For some dogs, it means that if they ever get away from you, it is going to be very difficult and dangerous to get them back and under control. For other dogs, it is the beginning of a downward slide where the dog starts to growl, and eventually bite, anyone trying to leash the dog up. This will get worse if you scold, correct or punish your dog.

If you are experiencing this… you are doing something wrong with your dog. Your relationship with your dog is deteriorating. It is more than about the leash or collar.

Hire a professional to help you sort this out.

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