My Mastiff Puppy Won’t Listen When Guests Come To Visit

My Mastiff Puppy Won’t Listen When Guests Come To Visit

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What do you do when a puppy won’t listen?

Many dog owners get exasperated with how their puppies greet guests. Untrained puppies will jump up, grab at clothing, run around, run out the front door, grab at hands or feet, start wrestling with the guest, or even start humping the guest’s leg. And after the guest is past the front door, an untrained puppy will do all sorts of things that you and your guest might not like.

Untrained dog owners then start doing a lot of pretty harsh things to their puppies. We all have heard of things like people squeezing dogs paws, stepping on paws, kneeing dogs in the chest, spanking, chasing, grabbing, putting puppies in a time out, making the dogs do a Sit Stay, rolling the dog over onto its back and pinning it to the ground, poking at the dog, kicking at the dog, and so forth.

All of these things are wrong ways to deal with the problems of an untrained puppy. None of it is fair, and none of that is good dog training.

Yes, I understand, if you have a very large puppy, such as a Mastiff, that you don’t want these behaviors to continue on when the dog is now a 200 lb adult. But, seriously. It is still a puppy. There is plenty of time to teach the proper behaviors. There’s no justification for harsh treatment. No justification for not hiring a professional dog trainer to help you. Of course your puppy won’t listen… YOU HAVE AN UNTRAINED DOG! Untrained dogs don’t listen.

There are good ways of dealing with puppy problems. All puppies need a Puppy Manners program, to work out these issues. When I work with puppies, I don’t correct them. Instead, I teach them what I want them to do in these circumstances. I don’t use punishment.

These kinds of problems are more of a people problem rather than a puppy problem. You need to accept where you puppy is today, and then implement kind and consistent methods that will teach your puppy good greeting manners. Yes, you might solve your immediate problem using harsh methods… and you can also develop a very aggressive adult dog if you implemented harsh training during those first 2 years of life. It will come back on you. The chickens will come to roost. Then, you’ll have an even worse problem… a dangerous dog.

So, lay off the rough stuff. If you don’t know what to do, then get some help.

You do love your puppy, don’t you?

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